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What Type Of Eyebrow Threading Equipment Is Needed For A Business?

I will list all the material I have used and needed in my own services and businesses to do a get service and get excellent reviews from past customers. Theoretically all the material one could use is the thread itself, but for a more professional experience for your customers it would be nice to have […]

How To Start Your Own Eyebrow Threading Business For Some Extra Side Money

Some people have asked me the question “How do I start my own small eyebrow threading business for some extra money?” Well I would tell them that in terms of the amount of work and resources that they might need, it is actually very simple and relatively easy to at least get started. The first […]

Do You Need Eyebrow Threading Training Or Certification?

A common question that is asked by people who would like to maybe earn a little bit of extra money from learning and getting trained in eyebrow threading is to ask the question, “Do I need some type of serious training or certification to become a professional eyebrow threading artist? or “Do I need eyebrow […]

How Much Time And Effort Does It Take To Learn How To Do Eyebrow Threading?

This is another common question I get asked by my clients who I do eyebrow threading for because sometimes they get curious at how competent I am at my job. They would ask me something along the lines of “So how long have you been doing this?” or “So how much time did you spend […]

Salons, Spas, And Locations To Get Your Eyebrows Threaded

This will be as complete a list as possible of all the locations that I know of in the various countries in the world which do eyebrow threading. I will try my best to have a contact number, the address, and a possible contact email address you can contact them through to reach the salon, […]