How To Choose Your Eyebrow Shape Correctly When Getting Ready For Threading

This is to show the different types of eyebrow shapes that are available for the perspective clients who might be interested in getting their eyebrows done.

Each human has a different face, even identical twins, so the contour of their skull bones is slightly different for each person. This translates to mean that the eye socket ridge is different for each person so the way their eyebrow (for threading) will look slightly different.

As always, these pictures I have below I have found using Google Images and have taken them from other websites. I will cite all of the websites and link to them since I don’t intend to take the credit for any of the gorgeous designs.

So, chart for eyebrow shape #1 (from post “Different types of Eyebrow Shapes and Which suits Whom” of blog

Eyebrow shapes chart

On the same post is a more general description which I found to be very good information…

Basic eyebrow shapes






So there are 5 basic eyebrow shapes…

  • Rounded Eyebrows: They have no angle, just one curve
  • Soft Angled Eyebrows: They have an angle with soft curves. So the angle is not sharp.
  • Hard Angled Eyebrows: You can see a clear sharp angle in them
  • S-Shaped or Curved Eyebrows: This is a hybrid of curve and a sharp angle. It roughly looks like an ‘S’.
  • Flat Eyebrows: Straight line with no curve and no angle.

When shaping your eyebrows, remember contrast:

Angled face / Sharp features: Go for Round or soft curved eyebrows
Round or curved face: Go for Angled eyebrows

Long face: Go for Flat eyebrows.
Short face: Go for high arched eyebrows
Small eyes: Keep eyebrows near eye (low arch)
Big eyes: Keep eyebrows away (high arch)

Keeping these basic guidelines in mind will be really helpful even if you are unable to determine your face shape.

As Always: Seriously, all the credit goes to this amazing, super informative eyebrow shaping post from the blog. All the credit goes to her/him who put up this amazing content. Check out the post HERE.

Now from the website for N. Videl – A LifeStyle Blog here is another chart for eyebrow shape charting…


From the website for InSpa of post “7 Tips for Getting the Perfect Eyebrow in Bellevue (And Completely Avoiding Eyebrow Shame!)” here is another chart for the type of eyebrow shape one should be trying to get for the shape of one’s face…


From the website for Modern Glamour WoC and the post “Glam Eyesbrows are a Vital Factor

We see a chart of all of the types of brow shapes on a real person’s face.


To conclude on all of the charts that I managed to find on the internet, here is two really useful charts I found from the website for in the Catalog page.



Happy Threading,

Michael Jonn



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