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How Painful Is Eyebrow Threading?

Something people who try eyebrow threading for the first time ask me is just how painful if eyebrow threading. It is understandable since you are pulling at individual hairs out of their root in the skin and disrupting nerve endings. There is indeed soem pain involved in eyebrow threading, at least in the beginning. However […]

The Difference Between Eyebrow Waxing and Eyebrow Threading

When I was getting my eyebrows threaded recently I was talking with the lady and I asked why it is that threading is so much better than waxing. A the time my eyes were squinting in pain since she was working on the left eyelids areas, which has been known to have a very high […]

My Eyebrow Threading Services Have Expanded Further

I just came back from the USA and actually sat down further with my females friends from India, Iran, and Pakistan and they should me a few new tricks and idea on how I could improve or increase this small business further. Apparently there is a sweeping motion one can do on the eyebrows as […]

Getting Henna Tattoos In Seoul, South Korea

Another common South Asian service that is often combined with the eyebrow threading is something known as Henna. Henna is a type of body art where the tattoo is only temporary and the ink is a type of dye. Henna is also the name of the plant the henna compound is made from. So is […]

How To Get Fuller, Thicker, Longer Eyelashes

When you look at the eye region, you would realize that overall, there are only 5 main parts to the eye from the outside. I am not a physician so maybe there is more than 5 but I divide the eye region into 4 parts, Eyebrow Eyebrow Ridge Eyelashes Eye Color Eye Shape – This […]