Getting Henna Tattoos In Seoul, South Korea

Another common South Asian service that is often combined with the eyebrow threading is something known as Henna. Henna is a type of body art where the tattoo is only temporary and the ink is a type of dye. Henna is also the name of the plant the henna compound is made from.

So is the service for Henna Tattoos available in Seoul South Korea somewhere? At this point I have checked the Itaewon and Myeongdong area going to all the Indian food markets I have found and I have not been able to find anyone who does it.

Recently I went back to the United States for some business and personal reasons and took a look at how Henna is done at a local Mall and I actually chose to go through with the process of getting a Henna tattoo myself.

I definitely got some strange looks, and maybe even a few chuckles and laughs from the Iranian and Indian girls all around me since Henna tattoos has almost always been traditionally been done by females on females, usually for their Wedding. Having an Indian Woman do a medium sized flower and peacock Henna tattoo on a Chinese guy’s hand while an Iranian teenage girl watches on in disbelief is something I guess most people never see.

I know I am sort of weird like that but I personally found it really beautiful. I took a few pictures of the Henna tattoo I got by the Indian woman. I took a shower when I got home forgetting the tattoo and now all I have is a light dye of a color on the skin of my hand. But the design of the tattoo is still very pretty though.

henna tattoo

henna tattoo removed

I asked the lady at the mall how easy it would be for me to do the Henna dye on myself and she let me squeeze the tube with the dye. I was informed that apparently the most important thing is to keep the application of squeezing to be consistent and constant. I could buy the Henna tattoo tube from any Indian Market and that was what I did. The next day I stopped in an Indian Market and picked myself up a few Henna tattoo dye tubes, each of a different color.

Currently I have 5-6 tubes of Henna dye. I tried to do a few designs on myself and I really like the results. So if you are an expat or a Korean (or Japanese or Chinese) native and you wanted to try out the Henna tattoo design, you can reach me and I can perform that service as well.

Cost Of Service

I have not been able to find any Henna dye tubes in Seoul, South Korea at all so I only have a few tubes at my disposal. Currently there is 6 tubes. Once I use them all, there will be non left. This means that I will have to wait until I go back to the States or search Itaewon further to find any possible sources or ways to obtain the dye.

So these are the cost of service for the Henna Tattoos

  • Small Design: 10,000 Korean won
  • Medium Design: 25, 000 Korean won
  • Big Design: 40,000 Korean won

I know the cost for the Henna expensive. I really, REALLY do wish I could decrease the price of service for the Henna but I just don’t have much of a supply to work with. I am totally sorry.

Happy Henna,

Michael Jonn

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