How Painful Is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading PainSomething people who try eyebrow threading for the first time ask me is just how painful if eyebrow threading. It is understandable since you are pulling at individual hairs out of their root in the skin and disrupting nerve endings.

There is indeed soem pain involved in eyebrow threading, at least in the beginning. However what I have found with my clients is that one they try the threading for the first time, the pain threshhold increases in them and the 2nd time is much easier and much less painful.

What is common for the threader to do is to give the person some tissue so that when their eyes water up from the painful sensation of threading, they can dab their eyes. Indeed, the pain can be described as feeling like multiple needles is stabbing the area being threading. Your nerve endings are definitely going to feel the pulling a lot.

I have noticed and other threaders have noticed as well that the left side of the face seems to be much more sensitive towards threading pain than the right side. At some point the pain can become almost unbearable, and you are the person getting the threading done might scream or ask to take a small break from the pain so that you can at least catch your breathe and refocus on tolerating the pain.

If I was asked on a survey  to rank “How painful is eyebrow threading?” from 1-10 with 10 being the worst type of pain you would ever feel, I would give it a 3 honestly, but maybe even a 2.5 since the pain is very quick and you would find that the session is already over before you know it.

Parting message

What I am willing to leave this post with is that the feeling you get after the threading session is finally done and the threader give you a mirror to view your eyebrows in a finished state can be priceless. What was once a disheveled, messy layer of eyebrow hair has now become completely trimmed to a sleek, elegant curve which accentuates the eyes and make you much more beautiful.  The pain is there and it does hurt sometimes like a bitch but it is temporary and passes quickly. However the emotion and feeling you get when you finally see what your eyebrows look like after the threading session is enough to make you think that all that pain and enduring was totally worth it.

Happy Threading,

Michael Jonn

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