My Eyebrow Threading Services Have Expanded Further

I just came back from the USA and actually sat down further with my females friends from India, Iran, and Pakistan and they should me a few new tricks and idea on how I could improve or increase this small business further.

Apparently there is a sweeping motion one can do on the eyebrows as well as use eyebrow combs and small scissors to further trim the eyebrows to the shape and form one desires. Apparently the threading can be done on more than just the eyebrow or the upper lip. It seems that any place where there are small thing hairs can have threading done on it.

This includes the…

  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Full face
  • Sideburns

I guess since the whole motion of threading is rather simple, but takes a lot of hours for practice, it would not be that hard to use the threading on other areas of the body.

Another thing I would learn is that one can actually do something else on the eyebrows known as eyebrow tinting.

At this point, I guess I would say that if one directly stated that they wanted to get areas of their face or neck threaded other than just their eyebrows or upper lips I guess it would be okay.

I would guess at this point that hair threading for the neck, chin, lip, sideburns, and the whole face will be around 10,000-20,000 each ($10-$20 USD). For the whole face, including everything I would charge 60,000 Korean won ($60 USD) and this includes everything, from the eyebrows to the chin, to the upper lips, the neck, and to the sideburns.


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