The Difference Between Eyebrow Waxing and Eyebrow Threading

IMG_7279When I was getting my eyebrows threaded recently I was talking with the lady and I asked why it is that threading is so much better than waxing. A the time my eyes were squinting in pain since she was working on the left eyelids areas, which has been known to have a very high concentration of nerve endings, making the area more sensitive towards threading and pain than other areas.

The first thing she did say was that threading is far better than eyebrow waxing because you actually get the eyebrow hairs at their root. When you are threading, the cotton thread twists and wraps itself around the individual hairs, and pulls them out of their sockets that are deep in the epidermis of the skin. The twisting motion of the thread makes it easier for the individual hairs to be pulled out of their root.

As we know from elementary high school biology class, the hairs in our body regrow back as long as we leave the root of the hair intact. Threading does an amazing job in getting the deeper roots of the hair out. This means that the regrowth or reappearance of hair is decreased and it will take much longer for the hair to regrow back in the same places again, if ever.

Eyebrow waxing does also sometimes pull the hair out but due to the one direction of the motion of hair wax removal, the hairs are more likely be pulled and broken than uprooted. The hair would break under the sudden force in ripping off the waxing strip. The hair roots ar then still left in the skin, meaning that hair regrowth will come about much faster quicker than through e=hair threading.

The 2nd difference the lady told me is that threading involves no chemicals which might hurt the skin. It is just a single cotton thread. Waxing involves using wax which might end up being an irritant for the skin, especially if any part of the layer of the skin is ripped off along with the hair when the waxing strip is pulled. We don’t want to irritate the air removal area if possible.

So there are two major differences between eyebrow threading and eyebrow waxing.

  • Eyebrow threading causes a twisting motion allowing for the hair and its entire root be uprooted easily making the area of skin stay much longer hairless.
  • Eyebrow threading does not use any type of harmful chemicals which might iritate your skin.

Happy Threading,

Michael Jonn

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