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How To Change Your Eye Color From Brown To Blue Without Contact Lenses

I recently read an article about this biologist or medical doctor based in California who has been able to develop this technology to turn the most common human eye color of brown to the far more rare color of blue. The company that sells this type of eye color changing technology is Stroma Medical and […]

Eyebrow Shaping And Eyelid Shaping Through Blepharoplasty And Epicanthoplasty For Cosmetic Care In Seoul, Korea

Something that I have noticed while living in the Gangnam-gu region of Seoul, South Korea is that most people don’t seem to put much emphasize on eyebrow shaping or eyebrow maintenance. When I walk along in the subway of Gangnam Station I see all these large blown up pictures of celebrities, models, and famous attractive […]

Salons, Spas, And Locations To Do Eyebrow Waxing In Seoul

Although I don’t do eyebrow waxing since that is no my specialty i have been getting a emails from people asking me about where in Seoul, South Korea they can get eyebrow waxing, not eyebrow threading. At first I was surprised since it seems to make to sense in assuming that just because I know […]