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An Alternative To Mehndi Or Henna Tattooing, Pasted Multicolor Hand Tattoos

Something else I had found in my local Indian gift market were these absolutely beautiful, multicolored hand tattoos that you can paste on. They are a great alternative to the Mehndi or Henna tattoos which you can also get if you want….

Places To Get Tattoos And Piercings In Seoul, South Korea

This list of places I found which a person can get tattoos & piercings in Seoul, South is from The Global Expat Network website, AngloINFO, under the “Health, Fitness, & Beauty” section. So the information below is not mine but what I have found from searching the internet and using Google. Have fun guys! Note: […]

Where To Find Henna And Eyebrow Threading Places In Seoul, South Korea

Sometimes I am out of the country in Japan, China, the USA, etc. and I am not available. Then all threading services will be given to my Korean native assistant who I have been teaching the art of eyebrow threading and henna to for the last half a year. She is very artistic with a […]

The Importance Of Having The Right Type Of Cotton Thread For Eyebrow Threading

I have always believed that it is very important to have the right type of cotton thread when doing eyebrow threading. The reasons is due to how effective and efficient we can perform our services when we are with a customer. Most thread one finds in an Arts & Crafts store or Embroidery store which […]

The Different Types Of Colors We Have For Henna Tattoo Tubes

So I recently went to a Indian Gift Store and talked to the girl in the counter and she managed to find for me a few different colors of henna tattoo tubes that I could use. She informed me that for most Henna tattoos, there is only 1 main color that is traditionally used, red. […]