Henna Tattoo Services & Fees

If you are interested in getting Henna, there are a few locations in Seoul right now that do this type of beauty service. We offer the service of Henna Tattooing at Seoul Brow at reasonable prices and we value only the highest quality in customer service.

At this time, our supplies are limited due to distribution and manufacturing bottleneck problem but we do have tubes that come in the traditional red, and also the more modern blue and green colors.

Our designs focus mainly on flowers, plants, symbols, calligraphy, and maybe even animals like birds and dragons. Come by and ask about the types of designs we currently offer! :)

Note: Since Henna has been traditionally been done by females for females, often for weddings and celebrations and ceremonies, I as a male will not be doing any of the henna tattooing, unless there are not females available to assist the client. I do have an office assistant, sort of like an apprentice which I have been teaching how to do both threading and henna work, so she is more than competent and have the ability to do most types of henna designs our customers might want.

Our fees are based on size of the design.  So these are our fees…

If we are to meet the person at their location, we do charge an extra 3,000 won fee for traveling expenses.

  • Mini: 5,000 Korean won
  • Small Design: 10,000 Korean won
  • Medium Design: 25, 000 Korean won
  • Big Design: 40,000 Korean won

If we get in appointment of a group of people of 3 or more who would like to get their henna done, we will offer a 10% discount.

To set up an appointment to meet us for your Henna, go to the Schedule an Appointment section.

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