The Different Types Of Colors We Have For Henna Tattoo Tubes

So I recently went to a Indian Gift Store and talked to the girl in the counter and she managed to find for me a few different colors of henna tattoo tubes that I could use.

She informed me that for most Henna tattoos, there is only 1 main color that is traditionally used, red. She however had other colors, them being green and blue which I was able to buy from her. When I went to other indian markets to ask about their henna tube selection, I was amazed to learn that almost all the other Indian stores and markets only had the tube color for red.

So I feel rather lucky that I can now provide my henna tattooing services with more than just 1 color.

Take a look at the variety of colors in my selection of henna tubes below…



photo (1)


Happy Henna

Michael Jonn

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