The Importance Of Having The Right Type Of Cotton Thread For Eyebrow Threading

I have always believed that it is very important to have the right type of cotton thread when doing eyebrow threading. The reasons is due to how effective and efficient we can perform our services when we are with a customer.

Most thread one finds in an Arts & Crafts store or Embroidery store which are made out of cotton are too thin for quick, clean threading. What I have noticed in using those threads is that the thread is often too weak. After maybe 2-3 uses on the eyebrow, the thread losses all of its tensile strength and snap in half.

After a person has seen this happen dozens of times with the same type of thin cotton thread, one realizes that having the right thickness and right quality of cotton thread is very important.

When we look at other alternatives for threads made of other options, some may turn to polyester threads, but what I have noticed is that polyester is very rather slick to the human skin. It is less likely to hold on to the skin but slight on the skin, causing bruising marks. It will lead to chafing of the eyebrow skin region. This is why it is important to go with cotton based threads.

In addition, it is also critical that a threader does not get the type of thread that is too thick. Thread that is too thick might not be able to grasp the thin, short hairs tightly enough, but slip off. The thicker ones then don’t have the ability to grasp and pull off the hairs as desired.

So there are three main parts to finding the optimum type of eyebrow threading thread.

  1. You should be using 100% cotton based threads
  2. You should look for thread that are not too thin.
  3. You should look for thread that are not too thick.

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