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The Types Of Eyebrow Shape That Korean Women Prefer

Something that my girlfriend recently told me about how korean girls and korea women like to have their own eyebrow shaped was slightly surprising. I found out that apparent that although the modern Korean women is just as crazy as any American or Western women is for makeup, they have different tastes on the type […]

What A Typical Session Of Eyebrow Threading With Me Would Be Like

So what would a typical session of eyebrow threading with me be like? First, you have the option of either visiting me in my location, or I go to your location. You have that unique choice since I live a very mobile life and move around a lot. Instead of taking the time out of […]

Enjoying The Pain Associated With Eyebrow Threading And Hair Pulling

Some people have told me that they actually really enjoy the feeling of the slight bit of pain on their face when eyebrow threading is done to them. I can express a sort of agreement with their feelings. I remember that when I first started getting my own eyebrows threaded, it was very hard to […]

Eyebrow Threading Pain And How To Cope With It

Something that the beginning person who starts getting their eyebrows threaded might notice is that there is actually a high level of stinging pain when they sit down and have someone else, even the professional threader with years of experience doing it. For some people, the stinging eyebrow threading pain of having the roots of […]