Enjoying The Pain Associated With Eyebrow Threading And Hair Pulling

Some people have told me that they actually really enjoy the feeling of the slight bit of pain on their face when eyebrow threading is done to them. I can express a sort of agreement with their feelings.

I remember that when I first started getting my own eyebrows threaded, it was very hard to concentrate on talking or doing anything else except focus on the pain, grit my teeth, and hope that the threader finished the eyebrows quickly. However after just 3 session, I realized that I was somewhat addicted to the process of feeling that swinge of pain that I have become accustomed to and almost missed.

I guess it might sound abnormal to enjoy pain but I have found out recently that many people, particularly females who seem to actually want that short duration of pain. It seems that when we get some light pain, there is actually a rush of endorphins to the brain which makes the brain feel better.

I was reminded of the brain regulating the pain to eventually like it by the fact that the native Korean food is rather spicy. Many types of food in Korea is supplemented with spices that are “hot” and “spicy” in nature. What the people have done is that from a lifetime of eating food, their taste buds and brain pathways have evolved to prefer the spicy foods since they give them a tingling sensation. It seems that maybe the eyebrow threading is the same way.

There is a well known psychopathological disorder known as trichotillomania which is where the individual develops an extremely strong urge to pull their hair out. I suspect that the reason why I have found eyebrow threading so enjoyable, as well as so many other millions of people, is for the same sort of urge or desire, but at a much lower level of intensity.

I would say from my personal opinion that it is understandable why some people would enjoy the act of pulling out one’s hair. It is okay to a certain degree. I realize that everyone has unique “quirks”, “habits”, and “issues” and I will not judge anyone on what they do. As long as a person is not harming anyone else when they are in the act of enjoying pulling out hairs, then I guess it would be okay. I however do feel strongly that the urge can turn out to be a much bigger problem. If that happens and the person starts to hurt themselves and destroy their lives, it would be responsible as humans for us to step in and find help for those people.

Happy Threading,


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