Eyebrow Threading Pain And How To Cope With It

Something that the beginning person who starts getting their eyebrows threaded might notice is that there is actually a high level of stinging pain when they sit down and have someone else, even the professional threader with years of experience doing it. For some people, the stinging eyebrow threading pain of having the roots of the hairs on their eyebrow ridge pulled out will result in only mild uncomfortableness, but usually there is a considerable amount of pain.

If the individual who starts out feels like the pain is unbearable, it is a good idea to try a few ways to decrease the pain, or at least take the mind off of the process. What I like to do for my clients is to get them to lie down on a reclining chair, get them to take their hair down (if their hair is in a certain style which prevents them from being completely comfortable) and first talking with them.

When the process of threading starts, there is the initial body reaction towards the pain and the client might wince a little through the process. I either tell the client to think of a comforting memory, ask them about their day and life, or tell them a sort of funny story. The usual outline is to ask the person how did they find my services, and how they first got interested in the cosmetic service of eyebrow threading.

Then I shift the focus from them replying, since they might become a little overwhelmed with dealing with the pain and answering questions at the same time, to telling them a light, humorous story about my past threading experiences or how I first started in the business.

Usually the sessions take around 10-15 minutes, but if the person feels that they want to change the shape of the brow after the first run, the session could last even up to 20 minutes. I have 3-4 musing stories which I like to tell to make the client more relaxed. For most of my clients, they have always been amazed at how fast the process and session took. Some have expressed a little regret that the session did not last longer since they were enjoying it so much.

So in conclusion, I say that if a person is feeling very a lot of pain from the threading, there are 2-3 things they can do and there are 1-2 things I can do to decrease the pain or at least not concentrate on it.

For the client:

  1. Have them answer question
  2. Get them to focus on good memories from their past
  3. Have them vocally express their pain through screams and winces.

For me the threader:

  1. Tell good stories to keep them occupied with listening to a light humorous story

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