The Types Of Eyebrow Shape That Korean Women Prefer

Something that my girlfriend recently told me about how korean girls and korea women like to have their own eyebrow shaped was slightly surprising. I found out that apparent that although the modern Korean women is just as crazy as any American or Western women is for makeup, they have different tastes on the type of eyebrow shape that they really prefer.

Where as the American women seems to prefer a much thinner, angled, or tilted eyebrow shape, the Korean women prefers something more straight, and thick.

Let’s look at a few examples.

megan fox eyebrows

scarlett johanssen eyebrows

What we see is that for the American actresses and model Megan Fox and Scarlett Johanssen the eyebrow shape that they go with is the long, thin, and tilted look. This eyebrow look conveys a quality which American men would describe as “glamorous”, “elegant”, or “sleek”.

The thin eyebrow shape combined with a good eye shadow color would result in the women being described as maybe “hot” and “sexy”.

Note how clean and well trimmed the eyebrows are and how little hair are out of place. This goes with the general rule that if you remove the hairs until the brow is thinner, they are easier to deal with and do maintenance on.

I would guess that most Western and American men would consider Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson to be attractive and they have been consistently ranked among the “Hottest Women In The World” by all sort of men’s magazine and I would guess that the eyebrows make up a huge part of how they look at themselves.

Obviously the first thing we see is the eyes, which are a different color than just the usual brown, which 90% of the world has. They have double eyelids which many Korean women put themselves through surgery to get. With a small, sharp nose, high cheekbones, red pouty lips, and flawless skin is only makes sense that these two well known American actresses would be considered “attractive”.

Now let’s look at pictures of famous Korean actresses and models to see there eyebrows.

Below we have pictures of Actress Kim Tae Hee and a member of the famous girl band group Girl’s Generation Yoona. They are both considered by Korean society and Korea media to be attractive.

What is interesting to note is that their eyebrows are also trimmed, but from closer inspection it is clear that they go with the broader, thicker, and straighter eyebrow shape look. From what my girlfriend tells me, korean women are always trying to look younger, and the belief is that thicker, straighter eyebrows makes women look younger. It seems that Korean women, like Japanese women are going less for the “glamorous” or “sexy” look and go more for the “cute” and “wholesome” look. It shows that there is a cultural difference between the two countries and what they value.

Note: The pictures below can be clicked on and made much bigger, around the 600X1000 range for a closer inspection of the portraits and pics.

Kim Tae Hee Eyebrows

Yoona Girls Generation Eyebrows

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