What A Typical Session Of Eyebrow Threading With Me Would Be Like

So what would a typical session of eyebrow threading with me be like?

First, you have the option of either visiting me in my location, or I go to your location. You have that unique choice since I live a very mobile life and move around a lot. Instead of taking the time out of your busy schedule to drive, ride the subway or bus to my location, you can request on the Schedule An Appointment section.

When I arrive, I will be courteous and professional in my mannerism and behavior. I will acknowledge each client’s preferences, issues, an concerns and try my best to answer all of their questions.

Then I will have the client take a seat in a comfortable chair that they can lean back on. Sometimes there are no chairs that have the height and mechanical ability to lean back. At that point we would have to improvise and might need to relocate to a place where the client can get in the position for easier threading. In general, the type of chair that would be optimal would be similar to the chair of hair salons and barber shops, which have the ability to lean back.

1. I would first use the dark eyebrow pencil to do a quick measurement of the current eyebrow shape. I note that to get the type of shape that would be best for the type of facial bone structure of the individual client’s face, I have to note that there are three imaginary lines I have to always be aware of.

eyebrows shape line

Note: I note that the picture on the left was taken from the website http://solsikken.bloggr.no

The pencil I will use will note that the three imaginary lines should be crossing all at the same point of the same lateral side of the nose. So for the picture to the left, the three imaginary lines of the left eye will cross at the left most point of the left most edge of the left nostril or nose.

One of the lines will go up vertically and that should be where the eyebrow of the same side will end.

The second imaginary line will connect the same outermost side of the nose to the outer edge of the same side eye. That line will then be extended past the two points out and where it bisects the eyebrow (or at least supposed to bisect the eyebrow) is where the 2nd line will end.

The last line, the one in between the other two imaginary lines is slightly more arbitrary and is supposed to be determined more by the way the individual’s bone structure are. It also would bre needed to ask the client what their preferences are.

2. After getting a general idea on what the ends of the eyebrow are supposed to be, I would ask the client what type of eyebrow shape they are going for. The different types are…

  1. rounded
  2. angled
  3. soft angled
  4. thin
  5. thick
  6. normal
  7. tilted

I know, there are many different types of shapes one can go with. It can be very confusing and getting the wrong shape means at least 1-2 months of public embarrassment with coworkers or classmates expressing their shock at your “new look”.

Some clients have had difficulty in figuring out what they want since they might be first time customers. If that is the case, I give them my professional confidence and use my judgement in creating the type of shape that would in my opinion look best for them.

3. Then the actual session really starts. – Sometimes I might ask the client to pull their long hair back with a braid or band so that the hair doesn’t get in the way. Other times if there is a lot of makeup, I might ask the client to first wash their face so that the makeup doesn’t make complicate issues with the thread. All of my threads are 100% cotton, so they are natural and will not damage the skin.

4. Each side of the face usually takes around 5-7 minutes to finish. When we switch, I would give the client a minute to catch their breath or relax if they fee like it is too painful.

5. When the session is over, I will provide them with a small mirror so that they can do a thorough inspection of the work and see if there is any touchups that they wanted to do.

6. When the client is satisfied with the work and thinks the eyebrow is the right shape that they wanted, I will use some soothing lotion to apply on their eyebrows to sooth the swollen, redden skin from all the pulling. I typically use Aloe Vera or Tea Tree lotion since they are the most soothing and cooling. The swelling and reddening of the skin takes about 6-12 hours to go down and then the skin go back to the normal shape and color.

7. After that, you are done! I hope you enjoyed your eyebrow threading experience with Seoul Brow. :)

Beautiful Eyebrows

Note: What I will always tell my clients, from the first day is that if they are not satisfied with my work, I will  do everything I can to correct any issues that they might have…If at the end, I have made a mistake on the threading and the client is not happy, they do not have to pay for my services.

Happy Threading,

Michael Jonn

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