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Eyebrow Threading In Shanghai

Although I stay most of the year in Seoul, I do make frequent trips to visit my relatives who live in Shanghai, China. Sometimes I stay around a few weeks and sometimes I stay a full month so that I can get a few personal issues taken of. I have been talking with some of […]

Eyebrow Threading Hygiene Concerns and Health Risks

Besides the issue of the slight pain that eyebrow threading comes with there is what many health experts think is a much bigger problem that eyebrow threading practitioners are going to have to worry about which is over hygiene. On some online discussion boards, there are talks and claims that cases of Herpes were contracted […]

Where To Buy Henna Tattoo Tubes

Something that Indian women have been doing for centuries to celebrate and prepare for their weddings is where they would do a type of beautiful, colorful tattoo design on each other’s arms and hands. I became first away of this really unique artform when I stopped in the local mall in my city (Seattle) to […]

Where To Buy The Thread Used In Eyebrow Threading

A very common question that is asked by people who want to try out doing eyebrow threading on themselves is to ask the question “Where can I buy the type of thread used in eyebrow threading?” The obvious choice is to first look at some of the largest online shopping stores like Amazon, Ebay, and […]

Where To Buy Eyebrow Threading Device Or Eyebrow Threading Tool

So you want to know where to buy the eyebrow threading device or eyebrow threading tool? It can’t be found in your local supermarket or target. You can’t even find it at a indian novelty store, where some people might expect it to be since eyebrow threading comes from South Asia. The thing is that […]