How To Thread Your Own Eyebrows

How To Thread Your Own Eyebrows

Eyebrow Threading Yourself

How To Thread Your Own Eyebrows

Maybe you have found that you are getting very frustrated with your regular threader because they seem to not be around the store or have closed their shop recently. You call and email these people who are supposed to be running a legitimate business and all you get are unanswered phone calls, texts, and emails.

You decide that maybe it is just smarter and cheaper to learn how to thread your own eyebrows. You don’t want to be the person who is always waiting for the other person to be free so you want to try out to thread your own eyebrows.

Well how do you get started in learning this ancient art of personal care and beauty?

First you have to decide whether you want to do threading the traditional way, which is just to use the thread and little else, or you want to do the threading at a much faster way using what is known as a Threading Device.

The traditional way for threading using just the thread is extremely cheap but not that easy and requires that you practice learning how to hold the thread in the right position.

So what are the steps?

Step 1 – Get the right type of thread to do your eyebrow threading. this is actually very important. Some people who are occasional threaders who don’t do it professionally would say that any 100% cotton based thread from a sewing kit would work but I would have to actually disagree. From my personal experience, the type of thread one should get is very important because if you get a thread that is too thin, it won’t be able to handle the thread-thread rubbing that will happen when you pull at one end to uproot the hairs. If you get the thread to be too hard or too thick , it won’t do a very good job in actually being able to grab onto the hairs and cause enough grip to actually pull out the hair. What is more likely to happen with thicker threads is that you would snap the hairs at the bottom instead of actually pull out the hair at the root.

Vanity Eyebrow ThreadSo which eyebrow thread do I recommend?

I prefer to go with something that is rather cheap but also strong, which I found from Amazon. It is called “Vanity Threading Thread Box” which costs only $5.50 for 10 spools.

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It comes in a box of 10 spools. The thread in general is strong for most types of hair, even coarse hair which one might find in the upper lip region, and it is still thin enough to have a reasonably good grip so that when you pull the thread to thread the eyebrow, the result is a smooth clean skin where the hairs are completely uprooted.

Step 2 – Learn how to hold the thread correctly in the hands. This step requires me to go into slightly more detail & give mini-steps…

The mini steps…

  • Mini-Step #1: First you pull about 18-24 inches of off the threading spool.
  • Mini-Step #2: You tie the ends of the broken thread together creating a fully close looped thread. Put the thread down and open it up so you can put your fingers through.
  • Mini-Step #3: You put your non-dominant hand’s middle finger and thumb into the loop. Some people prefer to use the fore finger and the thumb to do threading so if you feel more comfortable going with that, go with that. However I personally prefer to use the middle finger and thumb way.
  • Mini-Step #4: Use your dominant hand to pull the thread taut & twist the other end of the thread 4-6 times around.
  • Self Eyebrow ThreadingMini-Step #5: Use the same fingers in your dominant hand to pull the entire thread taut forming the “hourglass shape”.
  • Mini-Step #6: Now you are ready to put the thread’s triangular angle on your forehead ready to do the threading.

Step 3– Understand the direction of how your eyebrow hairs are naturally pushed in. Since you are planning on doing eyebrow threading on yourself, note that any directions that you remember for doing threading on other people is reversed.

  • For your left eyebrows, the left outer edge is going in the upper left direction. On the edge of the left eyebrow closer to the center near the nose, the direction which the hair goes in is upwards.
  • For your right eyebrows, the outer right edge is going in the upper right direction. On the edge of the right eyebrow close to the center near the nose, the direction which the hair is pushed towards is upwards as well.

Step 4 – Understand that for you to do a good job in completely uprooting the hairs from the root, you want to pull the thread against the natural direction of the hair.

  • This means that for your left eyebrow, you would want to put the eyebrow hair in the triangular angle in the right corner of the thread shape. Then you would open up your left middle finger and thumb to pull the hair in the right direction.
  • For your right eyebrow, the angle that you want to put the eyebrow hairs in is the left one created by the left middle finger and left thumb. You want to open your right hand’s fingers to pull in the left side to pull in the direction opposite of the hair’s growth.

For a video tutorial on how it is done, so it is easier to be understood watch the extremely popular YouTube video by pursebuzz

The Simpler & Faster Way Using A Threading Device

If you instead you want to use a much simpler, faster way to thread your eyebrows, then you would want to buy a threading device. A threading device is a simple plastic thing where you hook the thread you are using to the ends of these entended ends. The thread is eventually put in a “figure 8 shape” or “hourglass shape”. You put the ends of

There are only a few threading devices that I know of right now which seem to do a reasonable job. The place where I went to find them is Amazon, although Ebay would work too.

Helix Threadase Threading ToolI have looked at the few types that are on Amazon and I would say that the best currently is the one called “Helix ThreadEase Threading Tools” which is just $20, which is reasonable in price compared to the others.

Buy From Amazon Here!

There is only 4 devices that I found on Amazon that is a device that allows a person to do their own eyebrows.

The 4 others are…

  1. Electric “Epithreader” Hair Removal System
  2. Slique Eyebrow Face and Body Hair Threading and Removal System
  3. Threading Eyebrow Hair Removal Machine Kit
  4. Karmissie Lux Deluxe Threader Kit

However, there are issues and problems with all of them in terms of either being too expensive, or being just not effective or strong enough to actually do a good job in hair removal. The Threading Eyebrow Hair Removal Machine Kit is around $80 and the one by Karmissie is $125! Yikes! No person would ever want to spend that much just for a system for only eyebrow shaping and trimming.

So to use the device, you hook the special thread you would already have bought to all 4 hook ends of the device, and then you position the two fork in opposite directions, holding the threads taut.

Self Threading DeviceYou then put the angles of the threads next to the region of the eyebrow you want to shape or trim. Refer to the picture to the right.

Note: I took that picture from the Amazon product page for the Helix ThreadEase Threading Tools

The only thing you need to do is to push down and up on the devices to simulate what it is like to get threading done usually by your local salon.

So hope that helps you girls (and maybe guys) figure out how to do your own eyebrows and take back your control of your beautification process.

Happy Threading,

Michael Jonn

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