Where To Buy The Thread Used In Eyebrow Threading

Vanity Eyebrow ThreadA very common question that is asked by people who want to try out doing eyebrow threading on themselves is to ask the question “Where can I buy the type of thread used in eyebrow threading?

The obvious choice is to first look at some of the largest online shopping stores like Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart.

Walmart – I have searched on the Walmart online website looking for the right type of thread but there seems to be nothing that showed up.

Ebay – For Ebay, there seems to be a large variety of threads I can choose. For the type of thread that I use called Vanity Threading Thread, it is sold too. You can buy this type of thread for $8.75 for 4 spools HERE on Ebay.com. It is supposed to be wholesale prices but I don’t think so since…

Amazon – I have found that the prices on Amazon for at least the thread that I am using much cheaper. If you compare the prices from Amazon and Ebay, you see that you would get more thread for much less money. For a cost conscious person like me who is always looking to get the most value from my money, it just makes sense for me to go with Amazon at least right now. From them, the cost for the same Vanity Threading Thread is just $10.60 for 10 spools. That means that over the long term I save over $8 of cost for threading supplied in my side business.

For A Real Location…

The other location where one might be able to find the special thread used is to look at Indian grocery stores, Indian gift shops or Indian novelty shops.

I used to live in Bellevue, WA which had a very large Indian and South Asian community and there was not only dozens of amazingly delicious Indian, Pakistani, Punjabi, & Nepali restaurants, but also multiple novelty shops that focused on selling South Asian foods and wares. It was an amazing place to live for the Indian food lover like me :)

I personally found that the local Indian Grocery Store close to my old house had not just threading equipment but also had the vials for Henna Tattoo, in not just the traditional red color, but also the more ‘fun’ blue and green colors.

I am not familiar with any places other than the greater Seattle Area for where to find your local South Asian or Indian novelty store, or even grocery store.

Happy Threading,

Michael Jonn

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