Where To Buy Henna Tattoo Tubes

Something that Indian women have been doing for centuries to celebrate and prepare for their weddings is where they would do a type of beautiful, colorful tattoo design on each other’s arms and hands.

I became first away of this really unique artform when I stopped in the local mall in my city (Seattle) to get eyebrow threading and found out that not only was the place offering the service of trimming and shaping my eyebrows, they were also willing to do these intricate, complex tattoos on my arms.

I was very curious and asked the Iranian women who had just finished my eyebrows for her to do my arms as well. She gave me a look which made me wonder whether I had asked for something inappropriate. She did agree, but once she started she told me that Henna has been traditionally only done for women by women for their weddings.

For an Iranian women to be doing Henna on the arms of a Chinese American guy was sort of strange to say the least. I chose to go with an average sized design of a flower, which costed me $15. It took only around 5 minutes to finish the design and it came out extremely beautifully.

photo111The actual type of ink used is not actually ink but a type of color powder turned into clay paste mixture which is in a thin, conic tube which is squeezed out of the tip of the cone.

You can also buy the Henna as a powder but it does require a few extra steps involving mixing the powder in the right quantity to get the right texture for the clay paste mixture. I would advise that you just go with the tubes because they are much simpler and easier to work with.

So if you wanted to do henna tattoos yourself and try it our with your friends, where would you find these tubes?

The closest locations would be at almost all Indian, Pakistani, or South Asian food market or novelty shop. In the city I used to live at, there were 4 Indian food markets and a couple of Indian novelty shops. All the food grocery stores and novelty stores I have checked carry at least a few Henna tubes for any person who wants to celebrate something.

If there are no Indian food grocery stores close by, or if you went by and could not find any available, the next best thing would be the online shopping store Amazon.com which I think sells everything under the sun.

If you just want to play around with your friends and experiment with it, the cheapest option for henna tattoo tubes would be the Natural RED Henna Cone

Natural Henna RED TubesNatural RED Henna Cone – Price: $1.99

  • Total Count: 3 Tubes
  • Color: Red

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Most of the henna tubes are small which means that you can easily grasp it in your hands. The usual usage rate is that 1 tube can do about 3-4 large henna tattoo designs.

To get a better usage out of the cones, try to buy the bigger cones since they last longer and can do more and larger designs per cone. Try the bones below also sold on Amazon. Averaged out, each henna cone sold is around just $1.15.

Henna TubeGhelot Deluxe Cone Henna Paste – Price: $15.75

  • Total Count: 12 Tubes
  • Color: Red

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There is actually 12 tubes of henna provided so it may be a little too much if all you wanted to do was just to play around

It is important to realize that traditionally, the only color that Indian women have used was red. I found henna tubes that were blue and green to give things a little more variety but for the traditionalist, everyone uses the red colored Henna paste.

If you are a little more serious about the henna and want to try more than just 5-10 designs, maybe for a party, wedding, or even a henna business, you want to really stock up on the bigger tubes. They are definitely sold in bulk. If might be worth it to talk to any workers who work at an Indian novelty & gift shop about how much it costs for them to get the henna cones and tubes from their suppliers so that you can get the best rates.

Happy Henna,

Michael Jonn

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