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ShanghaiAlthough I stay most of the year in Seoul, I do make frequent trips to visit my relatives who live in Shanghai, China. Sometimes I stay around a few weeks and sometimes I stay a full month so that I can get a few personal issues taken of.

I have been talking with some of my expat friends and they travel a lot throughout Asia, and one of the hotspots these days that many expats stay in has been Shanghai. A few have expressed that it might be much smarter of me to start a side business of eyebrow threading in Shanghai, China instead of Seoul, South Korea. I have wondered about that recently because I would not mind being closer to my relatives so that I might be able to assist them in case of any type of emergency. It does only take 2 hours to fly from Seoul to Shanghai, but being actually in the Shanghai would meant that it would be much faster for me to find someone.

So this is what I am willing to propose now. I will make 4 trips every year to Shanghai to visit family, as well as some expat friends who enjoy world hopping. The exact months when I will be in Shanghai, China will be…

  • January
  • April
  • July 
  • October 

Which means that I will be traveling a lot.

My Services will be much less in China. Currently the conversion from USD to China RMB is around 6 times.

Standard Service Fees

Standard Eyebrow Thread – 120 RMB or $20 USD

  • For anyone less than 14 – 100 RMB

Eyebrow w/ Upper Lip & Chin – 180 RMB

Underarm Waxing – 150 USD

Henna Tattoo

  • Small Design – 60 RMB
  • Medium Design – 120 RMB
  • Large Design – 180 RMB

If you want to set up an appointment with me while I am in town, give me an email or fill out the form in the Schedule An Appointment section. I am flexible and we can always work something out.


Shimao Riviera Garden Apartments, Building #6, Pudong, Shanghai

  • Address & Directions: at the corner of weifang road and puming road

Contact Information: [email protected]

  • Skype #: +1 425 502 6940 (If I am not there, leave a voicemail)

Since I travel so much what I do is what traveling physicians do, which is choose to either show up at my client’s place so that they won’t have to go through the hassle of getting to me or the customer can stop by where I am. There is no physical salon that I run.

I am extremely professional in all of my interactions, am very good at what I do, and love to meet new people to make them more beautiful. I go out of my way to make all of my clients feel very comfortable with each session if they are first time threaders or have years of experience getting their eyebrows threaded. I value each of my clients and make sure everyone is happy with the results.

I do in-call and out-calls which means that I can either go to your location or you can stop by my location. It is your choice. Fill out that part on the form too please.

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