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Top 10 Best Neck Firming Creams To Remove Sagging Turkey Neck

Top 10 Best Neck Firming Creams To Remove Sagging Turkey Neck I was recently having another wonderful discussion with my GF on what other issues the modern young Korean women has in terms of insecurities over their appearance and she commented on a subject which I did not even know existed, much less fretted upon. […]

Tattoos In Korea

While the conservative nature of Korean society has always frowned upon the practice of skin ink, tattoos seem to be getting more and more popular for the younger generation of Korean teenagers in the last decade. It is quite common to find young adult men and young teenage korean guys in the more popular Gangnam […]

The Phenomenon Of Young Korean Men Wearing Earrings

The practice of wearing earrings by the younger generation of Korea men is very common, but most especially in the Gangnam Area. I personally wore earrings myself. Just a year ago, right after I got out of a difficult breakup I decided to change my look completely. Where once I was the average short hair […]

The Practice Of Eyebrow Tinting Explained

Eyebrow Tinting is a technique done by some cosmetic artists to make eyebrows that have become very thin from over plucking appear to have more volume by adding thickness to the thin eyebrows. The technique results in eyebrows that are darkened and appear to be full, which lasts for a few days. The effect of […]

What Is Cosmetic 3D Eyebrow Embroidery?

Cosmetic 3D Eyebrow Embroidery is a form of semi-permanent cosmetic procedure where the eyebrow area is made to look thicker and fuller by making the skin become puffed outwards, giving the illusion that there is more eyebrow volume and thickness than there really is. Normal Embroidery for normal fabrics like in arts and crafts involve the […]