The Practice Of Eyebrow Tinting Explained

eyebrow-roundEyebrow Tinting is a technique done by some cosmetic artists to make eyebrows that have become very thin from over plucking appear to have more volume by adding thickness to the thin eyebrows.

The technique results in eyebrows that are darkened and appear to be full, which lasts for a few days. The effect of eyebrow tinting is not permanent so most women don’t choose to go with that option. The amount of time is usually a month or slightly more. In addition, there are actually no products out in the market that has been approved by the FDA specifically for eyebrow tinting due to the potential for getting the dye into the eyes causing blindness. It can be very hazardous if done improperly.

The skin will become stained in the area around the thin eyebrow creating the illusion that the eyebrows are fuller. Something to remember is that tinting is done to make the eyebrows darker, and if one already has eyebrows that are dark and black, tinting would not make any sense.

People who tend to get tinting done are ones with fair colored eyebrow hair. The idea is to frame the face in the right way to make the eyes bigger and more defined. What often happens is that because of the shading done on the eyebrows, it can lead to that area of the skin becoming stained causing crooked eyebrow shapes.

So what exactly happens at the salon? The article Is eyebrow tinting right for me? from TLC explains…

  1. The esthetician will put on an eye patch or mask (to protect the eyes).
  2. They then apply some type of lubricant to the skin around the eyebrows for protection
  3. A cotton applicator is dipped in dye to add the solution for color to the eyebrows.
  4. The solution is dried and any excess dye is washed away with soap and water.




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