What Can You Do To Have Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

What Can You Do To Have Longer and Thicker Eyelashes

What Can You Do To Have Longer and Thicker EyelashesI was recently watching TV and saw on ABC News that there is supposed to be a new FDA Approved drug which will help women with very thin eyelashes develop much thicker eyelashes. The drug’s name is Latisse. The active ingredient in the new drug is known as bimatroprost.

It seems that Allergan, the makers of Latisse had originally used another sold product called Lumigan which was used to treat glaucoma. The ingredient in Lumigan was also bimatroprost. When the users of Lumigan noticed it seemed to cause their eyelids to develop hair growth, the active ingredient was researched by Allergan and then rebranded as a eyelash lengthening and eyelash thickening drug.

The drug is to be used to treat the disorder known as hypotrichosis which is where you have either inadequate (not enough) lashes. From the very first page of the website for Latisse, they claim that it is supposed to work in making eyelashes twice as thick with using the drug for up to 4 months (or 16 weeks).

(The picture to the right was found and taken from the blog Brasserie Alize which also wrote an amazing article on how you can create longer eyelashes.)

If however one is not interested in stopping by one’s GP/ Family Doctor to get a prescription for it, there might be something easier (and cheaper) that you can do to get the type of eyelashes that you hope for. I recently found from reading a few internet forums that there is a eyelash lengthening and thickening product called GrandeLASH MD. It is designed by Alicia Grande. It has its product launch back in September of 2009. the way that she called it was that it was an ‘eyelash conditioner‘. You can watch the video below where many people give their testimonial on how well it does work. I do note that there is even a claim that the GrandeLASH MD even works well on the eyebrows, not just the eyelashes.

This product is currently sold on only a few websites, like the GrandeLASH MD website and Amazon as well.

How To Use It

You are to apply it to the base of of your eyelashes like any liquid eyeliner. It might be more helpful to watch the YouTube video above.

How long before you see the results

It is supposed to have noticeable effects in as little as 4 weeks.

How much does the GrandeLASH-MD cost?

  • From the GrandeLASH-MD website – $65 – This is for the 2 mL, 3 month supply
  • From Amazon – $38 w/ Free Shipping – This is for the 2 mL, 3 month supple

Where to Buy it

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