How To Regrow Your Eyebrow Hairs Back

How To Regrow Your Eyebrow Hairs Back

How To Regrow Your Eyebrow Hairs BackSomething that I often get from a lot of women when I tell them this side business of mine is that they really don’t need eyebrow threading. The reason is because the problem they have is the exact opposite, where the hair on their eyebrow ridge is so thin, light, and few that they need to have the eyebrow hair regrow back, instead of removing them. It makes sense to me that what these women are really looking for is to have their eyebrow hairs back in thick, full, and healthy. So many girls have shown me how they have overplucked the region and turned it nearly bald. The end result is that they take their thinning eyebrows to a 3-D tattoo artist or eyebrow embroidery artist to get it done. They want thicker, fuller hair.

So the question is, “Is there any type of pill or some type of cream which will facilitate the regrowth of the eyebrow hairs back?”

It turns out there there might actually be something which seems to work. However from I’ve read a person must be very diligent and consistent on the use. I learned about it from the website From the post Encouraging Growth Of The Eyebrow Hairs there seems to be a type of Brow Enhancing Serum which is sold on Sephora (or Amazon) which seems to do the trick. It is called the Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum.

Anastasia Brow Enhancing SerumPricing:

The last I checked it was out of stock from the Anastasia website and Amazon seems to have just 1 left in stock. This seems to be a highly valued cosmetic product and I am very surprised at how fast it has been selling from the various online retail stores.

Product Specifications – These I found from the websites that are selling the device

  • Hypoallergenic
  • pH-balanced
  • Contains peptides
  • Contains Botanical extracts
  • Contains Vitamins
  • Conditions and soothes the skin
  • Net Weight: 2.5 grams or around 0.04 Oz

How To Use It

The instructions for how and when to apply it is this. You want to use it twice a day. Use the brow serum on clean eyebrows only. This means that you want to use it before you put on your makeup in the morning and after you take off the makeup at night. To get it to work, you want to twist it clockwise a few times. The idea is to get the serum which is initially stored in the small serum reservoir to seep into the brush. Once the serum gets on the brush, then you apply it over your eyebrows.

What are other people saying about it?

So I searched for the drug/serum on the Sephora website and other websites to see what other people have said about it. It seems that out of the four websites and almost a hundred reviews, there seems to be a bipolar distribution of people. There is the group who said that it did work in regrowing their hairs, and then there is the group which says that it did not help at all.

From the Amazon website out of just 5 reviews, 2 of them gave it the worst rating. That is slightly concerning to say the least. Both said it didn’t work for them. For the people who did give it good reviews, they basically said that they were sceptical in the beginning. After about 2-3 weeks of using it, they did seem to notice that was just a slight growth of hair. So it seems that since their expectations were so low, the fact that the serum seemed to help even in a minimal way of regrowing eyebrow hair meant that they were impressed. From the Anastasia website, it turns out that many women have said the exact same thing about the product. When it didn’t work after they religiously applied it for multiple weeks, they contacted Anastasia to raise their concern.

It turns out that the product would work for the following two conditions…

  1. It only works on existing brow hair.
  2. If it has been a long period of time since the hair have regrown back due to over-plucking, the serum won’t work.

Would I recommend this product?

This product is really hard to give either a definitive YES or NO on. It seems to be due to each individual’s circumstances. The people at at customer service from Anastasia do reveal something critical about the product. They state that it only works on existing brow hair. This means that you really can get it to work on hair that is thinning, sparse, but still have the stubble and the root. If however that area on the eyebrow ridge has been for a very long time without hair, then there is probably no hair follicles or roots in the epidermis. The serum won’t help.

The real question is not really “will this serum regrow my hair?”. The real question is “Am I trying to use this serum to reverse eyebrow hair loss or am I trying to force hair to regrow back in a place where there has been none for many years?” Unfortunately, it seems that a large majority of the women who do buy it are hoping for a miracle hair regrowth serum. From a young age, they might have done too much hair pulling. They thought that the hairs would always regrow back, but one day the hairs never came back up. What happened was probably the follicles, and hair roots were completely pulled out. There is nothing to work with. In that situation the serum would never work.

So make sure to know your own individual situation before buying it. If there is no hair, then it probably won’t work. If however there is still hair, and there is hair stubble, roots, and thin hair, it would work. That is the only type of situation where I would recommend it.

Availability: It is currently out of stock as of 10/1/2013 from the Anastasia website so there is two places you can get it, the Sephora website or Amazon.

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