Panasonic ES-WD51-P Review

Panasonic ES-WD51-P Review

Panasonic ES-WD51-P ReviewWe wanted to do the Panasonic ES-WD51-P review since it seems that everyone else who is selling epilators are doing reviews on this model of Panasonic Epilator as well. The reason is most likely because of the hundreds of high rating reviews that have been given on this model on Amazon by people who supposedly already purchased it and took the time out of their busy lives to write a review. However, just how honest and legitimate are these reviews? Maybe they are not telling the truth and only want to sell you something for the commission and profit.

Product Specifications

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My Review

The company Panasonic is probably more well known for its other electronic devices than selling electric hair removal devices. However there are a few models that the Panasonic company has come out with, and the people who have gone with them are satisfied customers. First, the full name of the epilator model is the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Ladies Wet/Dry Epilator. The product page for this model is HERE from the Panasonic website. From the product page, it is sold at the retail price of $99.99 or exactly $100. From its Amazon product page it seems to be currently sold for $64.99 which also includes free shipping. We are talking about a reduced price of around 35% if bought through the Amazon website. So that is just looking at the pricing figures of the locations where we can get the ES-WD51-P. Now let’s look at the the features of this epilator model.

wet and dryThe reason that the device has the letters WD in there is to signify that this model is a type of epilator known as the Wet/Dry or Wet & Dry. It can be used on wet situations like the shower and bath, with the head being mixed with warm water and lather. It can also be used in dry situations where there is no water to lather the skin area.

Of course, if the model can be used in wet situations, its outer casing has to be designed extremely well to be water proof, and sealed completely tight. That other implications for its ability to be used in wet places like the shower means that it can’t be just powered through the cord. There is no way that you can bring any type of corded electrical device into the shower or bath to use without the risk of becoming electrocuted.

This means that there is an internal battery inside which will be the source of power when you unplug the device from the wall outlet. The specs on this device says that the device will work for 40 minutes before it runs out of juice. As for the charging part, that takes 1 hour to charge the epilator from completely empty to completely full. The power adapter you will connect it to the wall is a AC 100-240 Volt adapter.

48 tweezersWhile I personally don’t think that the number of tweezers on an epilator makes much of a difference in its value and quality, some people do believe that having more tweezers is better than having less. The idea obviously is that with more tweezers, you can remove more hair at a shorter amount of time. Well, for the ES-WD51-P, the number of tweezers for the model is 48. You have 48 rotating discs acting as the tweezers. The reason this model has a higher number of tweezers is because it has more than 1 head, but two heads for epilation. This is 12 more than the Panasonic ES2045 model which has just 36 tweezers. However, let’s remember that the quality of epilator is not completely correlated to the number of tweezers it has. A model can have 70 tweezers, but if it can’t remove the shorter hairs well and leave a lot of hair stubble, then it is a bad epilators. You want to choose the best epilator based on how well it can actually pull out the hairs, tall and short, from the areas of skin you are doing a pass on.

The tweezers individually are a type metal called nickel-free, hypo-allergenic blades. The blades are metal. They apparently don’t have this element in the periodical table known as nickel. We might not remember back to our college chemistry class but we can sort of guess that the reason the sellers claim this type of tweezer metal is ‘nickel-free’ is because maybe some people have some type of allergic skin reaction or inflammatory skin reaction to the compound/element of nickel. The hypo-allergenic just means that if you are going to buy the device, you don’t need to worry that the metal blades touching your skin won’t cause any type of allergic reaction and become irritated.

There is one main feature of the ES-WD51-P model which makes it so unique compared to the other models we have reviews and it is the way that the head is designed. If you looked at the picture above, you can see that the head is not held fastened down to one place. It can swivel and tile side to side. The sellers of the model called this the Dual Disc Side-to-Side Gliding Head. The head is essentially ‘gliding’ along the contours of the surface of the skin. You it passes through a valley or curve of the skin, the head adjust itself so that the tip of the head is almost touching the surface of the skin. It is aptly named Side-to-Side, because the head does have just one way to move. It tilts or swivels around one joint and one degree of freedom of movement. It is called the Dual Disc because the head does not consist of just one stack of discs stocked next to each other into a cylindrical shape. There is 2 stacks of discs, and 2 cylindrical heads of spinning metal discs. It is this adjustable head which changes its angle to fit the skin curves which allows it to get the tweezers to the base of the hairs and pull them out by the roots.

Hair Removal SystemBesides just the epilation abilities where hair is pulled out by the roots, there is also 2 head caps that are provided. the head caps are the 1. Trimming Cap, and the 2. Shaving Cap. You pop on either of the two head caps to turn the epilator into an electrical hair trimmer or electrical razor. Since hair trimmers and razors are another type of hair remover device where the hair is cut instead of pulled out, what you have with this model is a 3-in-1 Hair Removal System.

Maybe the only feature (or technically non-feature) which this model is deficient in is that it only has one speed. Most epilator models have 2 speeds, but this one has just one. The Panasonic model ES2045 has two speed. This one has 1 speed.

Lather and foamThis model is mainly supposed to be used as a wet epilator. That means that you are supposed to put the head on after you have lathered up the skin and it has become somewhat foamy. When you lather up the skin area of epilation before you use the epilator, what happens is that the experience of having your hair pulled up becomes slightly more bearable in terms of pain. It is a lot more gentle on the nerve endings as the skin becomes smoother and looser. You will feel much more comfort than just pulling the hairs out without any type of preparations of wetting the hair removal area.

When you buy the epilator, you also get the cleaning brush, the AC Adapter or Charger, and the traveling pouch to carry everything in.

In terms of size and dimensions the height by width by depth is 5″ x 2.3″ x 1.5″. It weighs approximately 0.37 lbs so it is very light.

So what do people who have already bought the ES-WD51-P think of the epilator model?

The Pansonic ES-WD51-P Wet & Dry Epilator is probably one of the most reviewed models of epilators at least on the Amazon website. It currently has 350+ reviews. Nearly half of all of the written reviews have given it the highest of ratings, 10/10. overall the score given is 8/10. It is actually sort of surprising that there have been so few people who have complaints about it. It seems that less than 10% of the people who took the time to come back to Amazon and write a review have given it the lowest score. That is sort of a good sign for any product, but especially for a product that is gauranteed to give you pain when you start using it. Epilators are painful. They are pulling a chunk of your hair out by the root every single time it touches your skin surface.

Would I recommend this Panasonic epilator?

This is a model which I would definitely recommend for anyone. In fact, of all the epilators I have seen so far, this would be in the top 2, right next to the really amazing Philips 6576/50 model which I reviewed Here. It is very impressive. It seems that somehow this model seems to be much more effective in removing hair and not causing the type of unbearable pain that is associated with hair being pulled out. This is definitely a worthy hair removal device to have With the trimmer cap and the shaving cap, it acts almost like a complete hair removal system being able to cut hair as well as pull hair out. On the Panasonic website it is listed at $100 but on Amazon it is listed at just $65 with free shipping. That is a huge chunk of money saved. So getting it from Amazon is definitely probably the best choice for places to buy this great epilator model.

So check out the ES-WD51-P model by clicking on the link below.

Check out the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Epilator here

To see the Panasonic model being used on a real person’s leg hairs for hair removal watch the video below

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