Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator Review

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator Review

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator ReviewThe Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is the epilator model that is probably the most popular as well as being extremely cheap. If you actually typed in the phrase epilator into Google to see what is the result you will see that besides the Wikipedia article on Epilator which is the first thing that is revealed, the 2nd result is almost always the Amazon website with its selection of epilators. The epilator model that pops up first is the Philips model known as the HP6401 which is also known as the Satinelle Epilator.

This model is probably the cheapest model of the popular ones out there. It has a nice white & gray color to it making it attractive to women but can also be used by men without it looking too feminine. For more information about the Philips HP6401/01 model Click Here!

Product Specifications

  • Has two speeds
  • Has a well ergonomically designed grip
  • Requires a cord to use
  • Comes with 1 head cap, the efficiency cap
  • The head is washable under hot water

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My Review

This model is something which I would choose for myself if I wanted to get started with using any type of electrical device for pulling out my hair. It is much cheaper compared to the other models like the Philips HP6576, Emjoi Emagine AP-18, or the Braun Silk Epil 7 SE7681, which are around the $100-$150 range. Those are something which I am not comfortable putting money into. This one by Philips is much more reasonable priced usually at the $30-$35 range. If I did buy it and found it to be too pain or not effective at removing the really short hairs, I would not feel too guilty when I decided that epilation is not my favorite choice for hair removal. Putting this in the back of my closet won’t cause me too much feelings of guilt over spending a ridiculous amount of money on a device that did not do what it was supposed to do or as advertised.

So what about the features of this model? Why has it been so popular besides just the price of it?

Rotating Disc Epilator HeadIt actually has to do with the way that the head is designed. I refer the reader to the picture to the right which shows clearly what the head looks like. The head of the HP6401 has been designed to achieve the most effective level of hair removal through pulling out the hair by the roots. You can actually see just how the two metal discs blades spin to grasp at the hairs that are on your skin almost.

The head has just 10 spinning discs which allows for just 5 spaces for the hair on the skin to get trapped and clamped down on. Most models sold and sellers call the metal pinchers tweezers and other others call it metal discs (although there are models now made with the discs being made form ceramic material). You can see that there are not that many tweezers, but just 10 tweezers. It is not designed to have as many features like the Philips HP6576/50. It is very simple in design but it is very effective in getting the hairs out.

As for the features, this HP6401 is extremely limited. I actually took a clipping picture of it compared to the other models of popular epilator models sold by Philips, including the HP6576/50, HP6576/60, and the HP6512, which I have all reviewed at some point.

Philips Epilators Comparison Chart

The print may be small so it is hard to see but you can just click on the picture to enlarge it on another screen. What the chart is showing is that compared to the other models of common epilators sold by Philips, the HP6401/50 has….

  • It has just 1 cap (the efficiency cap)
  • It has just 1 attachment (the cap)
  • It doesn’t have the trimming cap, the shaving cap
  • It doesn’t have any type of plastic bulbous fingers to lift up the hairs
  • It does not have the Opti-Light in the center of it
  • It does not use the textured ceramic discs we see in the HP6576/50 model
  • It can only be used with the cord
  • There is no embedded rechargeable battery inside.
  • It has no cleaning brush
  • It has no exfoliation glove
  • You don’t get a pouch with this epilator purchase.

So obviously because of the lack of so many features that the other models of Philips has it has a reduced price. However, can it still do the job well? Based on what the design of the head it, it should. However, because of the number of tweezers it does have, it might mean that a given epilation session will be much longer than with the other models with many more tweezers.

It does have the standard feature of speed control. There is two speed you can choose from, the slow and fast one. The slow speed will be more painful but more thorough leaving less hairs with each pass you do. The fast one is the opposite.

The design of the epilator model is really good. The grip of the model was designed ergonomically efficient to be comfortable for the hand to grasp.

As for the cleaning feature, you don’t get any type of cleaning brush with this model but in the specs the sellers do claim that head is washable to keep everything hygienic. There is no way to pop off the head, only the cap, so you are just going to have to put the head underneath warm water to rinse it out and hope any type of microbes and bacteria is washed away.

What I would suspect is the biggest problem with this model is that it will cause an increased incidence of ingrown hair. There is nothing in the design to lift hair that are falling to the side or lying flat. The number of tweezers are few, so for any type of hair that is not pulled out the first few passes, they might be flattened out and pushed down into the skin causing ingrown hair. There is nothing to lift the hairs up to a position where they metal tweezer discs can easily grasp on to them.

The other major problem is probably the fact that you need to always to have it plugged in to work. A lot the models sold these days have the dual option of using the epilator devices while the electrical devices are plugged into an electrical outlet as well as unplugging it to use the battery power inside. When the battery inside gets low, you plug the device back up to recharge the battery. There is no battery inside this model. You will always need to plug it in. As a person who has used his share of electrical razors and shaves over the years which never had any type of battery or cordless power option, I don’t think it is that big of a deal. Of course, my electrical shavers were plugged into the wall outlet right next to the sink at the same elevation as the medicine cabinets and my purpose was to use these cord powered electrical shavers to remove hair on my face. I would guess that when any women is looking for an epilator, they would find it at least a slight annoyance that the epilator they bought can not be cordless.

You don’t have the exfoliation glove so your skin won’t be as nourished as it would say with other models of epilators but then again, it doesn’t take too much time after using this device to go to your exfoliation lotion bottle, squirt a little on your hands, and apply the lotion to your skin for the same type of exfoliation effect.

As for the feature where it does not have the Opti-Light to help you see the area you are epilating better, that might cause a slight hindrance, but then again most people can just do what I would call the touch test. After you have gone over an area of skin aka made a pass, you can just stroke that skin area and you can sort of tell whether all the hairs have been pulled properly. If you still feel like that there are somethings there, like hair stubs, or thin hair, you can just use the epilator again over the area. So in terms of the light, it should not be that big of a deal.

However what are the obvious differences in this model and the others is that it doesn’t have certain caps. It does not have any type of head cap to turn it into a hair trimmer or a hair shaver. It just have a type of head cap called the efficiency cap, which means that the cap pops on the head so that you can get really close to the skin surface for the most thorough hair removal session.

To go to the Philips website for the HP6401 Product page Click Here. I also managed to download and safe the User’s Manual or Owners Operating manual PDF for this model. You can get the HP6401 User’s Manual by Clicking Here!

So what do other people who have bought the Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator think of it?

There is a reason why so many people have given this model good reviews. There is almost 300 reviews on the Amazon website stating that it is really good for hair removal. Nearly half of the people who wrote a review have given it the highest of ratings, but there are some negative reviews written about it as well.

It would be wise for use to take a look at the concerns and issues that have been raised about it since those are the things that we should be aware of when we are thinking of making this type of purchase.

So would I recommend the HP6401 by Philips for an epilator?

I would recommend it. The reason is because of the fact that almost all of the features that it doesn’t have which the other types do have is not really critical overall in an epilation experience. You don’t need the light, the trimmer cap, the shaver cap, the exfoliation glove, the cleaning brush, etc. What you really need is the epilator and the efficiency cap to make sure that you get close to the skin, actually clamp down on the hair and pull them out effectively.

I did express my concern over the fact that this model is more likely to give you ingrown hairs than the other models out there because of the fact that there is nothing on it to lift up hairs that are flat. That is the big one. The fact that the discs are the standard metal composite instead of ceramic should not make much difference unless a person has some type of skin allergic reaction to the metal discs touching the skin.

So overall this is a smart starting out epilator to use. It has just a few tweezers so your epilation session will take a little longer than if you got another one with more tweezers for hair removal. Other than that, it is a good choice. So check out the Philips HP6401 by clicking on the link below.

Check out the HP6401 Epilator by Philips here

You can see a short video on what the HP6401 Satinelle Epilator looks like below

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