Philips HP6576 Epilator Review

Philips HP6576 Epilator Review

Philips HP6576 Epilator ReviewThe Philips HP6576 Epilator which is called called the Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator model seems to be one of those models which has been consistently rated very well.

Note: As of 10/7/2013 it seems that does not carry this model since there have been many complaints on how the model is currently being shipped by the giant retailer to people who have bought the Philips HP6576 already. It might be much better to buy this particular model of Epilator from the Philips HP6576 Product Page

Product Specifications

  • Catching actions per minute: 81.600
  • Charge time: 1 hour
  • Colour: Gold champagne
  • Cordless/recharge -epilator: Yes
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Number of tweezers: 32
  • Rotations per minute: 2550
  • Run time: 40 min
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Wattage: 16

Buy it from Amazon here

My Review

The first thing I always like to do with any type of hair removal device is check just how effective it is in actually doing it’s job. It might be one of the ugliest models but as long as it can do its job, I would recommend it.

Philips HP6576 EpilatorSo let’s first look at the head design to see how it looks. From just looking at the side of the HP6576 we see a few interesting features of this model that makes it stand out from the other models that we have seen. You can see it in the picture to the right yourself. Do you see it?

The spinning discs are ceramic! 

It does not use the standard spinning metal discs, but something else. Not only that, the reason that the ceramic discs work is because the discs have a rough surface texture meaning that they have a much better grip on the hairs that fall between the spaces than the metal discs.

Hypo Allergenic Textured CeramicThe last great thing about the ceramic discs is that they are hypoallergic. The combination of all three qualities of the spinning parts is what makes the Philips HP6576 one of the best reviewed and best rated epilator models currently sold in the market. Most other model like the Emjoi Emagine and the modeld by Braun almost all go with the standard metal discs on the head but this one use a different type of material. The ceramic discs are touch, durable, and has the right type of surface texture to firmly grasp at the hair at the based and effectively pull the hair completely out from the roots.

Another wonderful feature of this model is the size of the head. The head is extra wide which means that you can cover more area with every stroke. With more area covered, in theory at least you will finish faster in your hair removal, which translates to mean less pain overall and more time to do other things. As for any type of plastic bristle head, I don’t seen anything.

Wireless EpilationThe specifications state that if you unplug the power cord, the epilator has a battery that can last upwards of 40 minutes. If it does turn off, all you have to do to turn it back on is to plug the power cord back into any outlet and it would start to work again. However if you wanted to completely charge the battery inside the device to be full, that takes 1 full hour. So in terms of amount of time it takes to charge the device and the amount of time you can use it for, the energy conversion is reasonable. For 60 minutes of charging, the battery can run the hair removal device for upwards of 40 minutes. Most sessions of epilation lasts lest than 10 minutes so you should be able to use it for around 4 sessions. If the claim that you won’t need to use the epilator again for an entire month is true, that means that one fully charged epilator can last you 4 months of total use.

Washable Epilation HeadAnother intelligent design of this model is how easy you can detach the head. Since one of the most common applications of epilators is to use it in sensitive, private areas of the body, it might get in contact and transfer harmful micro-bacteria. This means that you definitely want to always wash the head after each use to make sure that you don’t transfer the bacteria from one part of your body to another. The head that you can detach you can put under running water and wash it very easily and quickly. You are then ready to use the device over again. Personally, I think this is one of the most useful design features since we always have to be careful with preventing bacterial infections.

Cap PivotsSince we are talking about the head, there is another feature of the head or ‘cap’ which makes it really good at being able to really get close to the skin to pull out the hair. The cap actually is not fixed on the body of the epilator. It actually tilts to different sides. If you see the picture which I found from the product description page on the specific epilator, as you move the epilator over the surface, the head slowly adjusts its tilt to fit as close to the skin as possible. To do this, the edge of the epilator must not be rough, but smooth to slide up and down on the skin. As you move the hair removing epilator over a surface that has a large turn, the head tilt at the same angle in reaction to the bends and turns on the skin surface.

Opti-LightThe model is equipped with a light on the front side. That light is supposed to shine down on the area that you are use it on so that you can see exactly whether there are any hair that you have missed. We know that some of us might not have the best eyesight and we need good light to see up-close whether we can get the really small and light hairs that might be left. It is always a good idea to not just pass the area of epilation application once, but go over the same area at least 1 more time. The light, called the Opti-Light is just great in shining on the area to help you see which areas it has not done yet.

Epilator KitIn addition to all of these features, when you do buy the model you get not just the epilator but the entire kit with it. Inside the kit you would get 4 other things. There is the tweezers, the mirror, the light, and the carrying case. The sellers of the device does note that the purpose of the mirror & light combination with the tweezers is to get the type of hairs that you can’t use the epilators for. The type of hair that they are talking about are eyebrow hairs. Most women still trim and remove their eyebrow hairs through the use of tweezers, and over in Korea women use these unique eyebrow razors. However, I will always think that using the threading method is still much more effective than using any tweezer. Of course, that is just a difference of opinion between people.

So how well does it remove the hairs? Very well actually. Here are the features that makes it so effective in really getting the hairs…

  • On the edges of the head is a stretch bar which gently lifts the hairs up and get them primed and ready to be pulled out at the roots.
  • The way that this model of epilators by Philips is designed means that you can gently and easily trim, contour, and shave very close to the skin for the smoothest results for your skin
  • There is actually a plastic bristle edge which can act as a type of massaging system. It vibrates the skin it touched which helps keep the skin smooth and loose but still taut.
  • The wide head which still easy moves and tilts with your hand movements means that it will follow every contour of your body
  • The epilator can actually act as a hair lifter which vibrates and removes even flat-lying hairs which gets lifted up from the vibrations.

As for the technically features of this model, you have the device designed to be ergonomically comfortable for your hand and wrists. The device actually has 2 speeds so you have the ability to control the speed. The ceramin discs spins at 2550 rotations a minute, with 32 tweezers, at a frequency of 50-60 Hz a second. The claim on its specs page says that it will do 81,600 catching actions every minute. Which is very hard to believe.

How long is the effect of the epilator supposed to last for?

Based on what the specifications say about it, the pulling of the hair out means that the area of hair removal will stay hairless and smooth for upwards of even 4 weeks. I personally think that the claim for almost 1 month is too high, but more likely 2-3 weeks. Expect the time to be even shorter for some areas which have sweat and human body liquids reaching there a lot like the bikini area and bikini lines.

How much does the Philips HP6576 cost currently?

I checked the price of this model on the Philips product Page and it seem to cost at $149 at retail price. Now that retail price can vary but that is way too much for me to pay for a device that will be sure to at some point give me tremendous pain.

Would I recommend this model of epilator?

In terms of the type of features this model has, I would definitely recommend this model. However, I think it is way too expensive of a really good buy for any smart shopper. From the Philips website it is listed at around $150. From Amazon it is around $140. This is a very high quality epilator and if you want something that will be durably, effective in removing hairs, and looks great this will be a great selection. So check out the model by clicking on the link below.

Check out the Philips HP6576 here

To see another review of the HP6576 on how well it works on removing hair watch the video below


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