Review On The Braun SE7681 Silk Epil Epilator

Review On The Braun SE7681 Silk Epil Epilator

Review On The Braun SE7681 Silk Epil EpilatorThe Braun SE7681 Silk Epil 7 Epilator which is one of the epilator models on the Silk Epil 7 or Series 7 models is definitely the best model of the series. When I first looked at this model I thought that it was not very good due to its appearance and head design, but after comparing it to the other models of the Silk Epil 7 Series like the Braun SE7381, SE7281, and the SE7181 I realize that for the most features and the most body areas, the SE 7681 Epilator is definitely the one to go.

The thing to realize is that each model of the Silk Epil 7 series actually has a different purpose. If we look at the Braun page on the Silk Epil 7 series we can see that the while the lower numbered model is supposed to be only used for hair in specific body areas, like the legs, or face, and bikini line, the Silk Epil 7 model 7681 is for all of the areas. That means that you can use it on your 1. Legs, 2. Body, and 3. Face. In contrast the model SE7181 is just for the legs. The models SE7281 and SE7381 are for only the legs and body, but not the face.

Product Specifications

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My Review

This model is the top of the line for the brand for epilator models made by Braun. Braun is one of the biggest names in the hair removal industry and niche. They make epilators and electric razors and shavers. There is three series, which are known by the brand name the Silk Epil series. There is the Silk Epil 3 series, the Silk Epil 5 series, and the Silk Epil 7 series. The Silk Epil 7 series are the newest models with extra features. Of all of the models in the Silk Epil 7 series, the model SE 7681 aka SE7681 is at the top.

wet and dryAnother name for this model is called the Women’s Wet & Dry Epilator. The Wet & Dry label is given for the models use in wet, humid situations. It was designed to be used by women in the shower or bath with warm water. With the warm water, the epilation session would be much less painful and smoother. The model does more than just pull out hair, but also has a feature which massages and vibrates the skin that is is in contact with it. The result is an increased circulation and comfort.

close gripThe sellers of the device say that it operates on something called Close Grip Technology. This means that the tweezers are designed to get as close to the skin and the base of the hair as possible so that it can remove even the shortest of hairs. At the shortest level, it is supposed to be able to remove hairs just half a millimeter long. It seems that the tweezers can get so close to the skin and the furtherest down to the base of the hair because of the angle at which they are set.

As for the tweezers, it has an above average number of them at 40 tweezers total. This obvious is nothing compared to the Emjoi Emagine which has 72 total tweezers, but if it can do a job in removing even the shortest of hairs, it just might be better than a model with mode tweezers.

pivoting headTo make sure that the head can conform itself to fit every single curve and contour of the body when you are moving it through your skin, the head can tilt/pivot in one degree of movement. That movement is up and down. The ability of the head to pivot means that you can insured to get the head and the spinning discs as close to the skin as possible for the best epilation/hair removal session possible. It will be comfortable on your wrists and your skin as the head adjust itself.

softlip tipsSomething that is a great concern for women (and men) who use epilators is the occurrence of ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs is where the hairs start to reverse direction and grow into the skin. To avoid the possibility of the epilators themselves pushing the hair back into the skin, there are what is known as SoftLip Tips. These bulbous plastic head tips align in a row and when they get close to the hairs that have fallen downwards to the side, they scrape the hair to lift them back up again. The sellers claim that the SoftLip Tips can even lift flat-lying hairs up. Once the hairs are lifted up, the tweezers come along and grab the hairs at the base and pull them up.

SmartlightThe silk epil 7 series have something known as the Smart light. This is just a small LED light that shines from the front side, or the side where you are epilating from. As you move the epilator over a skin surface, it can be turned on for you to see the skin and even the smallest hairs clearly. The light makes it so that you are sure to never miss a spot where small hairs might have been missed before.

high frequency massageBesides the actual epilation process, apparently the SE7681 is also really good for the health and vitality of your skin. The line of plastic softlip tips graze along the skin when you press the epilator down on the skin. Since the device operates on a spinning motion, the hair removal device does vibrate in a noticeable way which means that when you put the tips on the skin, they do vibrate it a little. The result is a high frequency massager which stimulates the skin area of hair pulling. This helps reduce the pain which one would experience with epilation. This provides a little bit of relief and comfort.

Dermatologist RecommendedIt seems that this series of Silk Epil Epilators are so safe & beneficial for the skin that even a dermatologist have approved of its use. The dermatologist recommended it as a solution for hair removal because of how well it soothes the skin in a gentle fashion.

Olay wet wipesWhen you do start to use the SE 7681 or SE7681 you want to use the cool wet wipes which are included with the device. The Wet Wipes are made by the company Olay. The name for Olay is renamed to be Olaz in the Netherlands and Belgium. Before the application of the epilator you want to wipe the skin area you are planning to use it on with the wet wipes to get the skin to become relaxed and ready for the hair pulling.

waterproofThe Braun models of epilators are very popular also because of how they are designed. They are made using plastic that are sealed very tightly. The result is that you the devices are water proof. That is why it is called a wet & dry epilator. You can use it in the water in wet places. You can put the head under running water and wash it clean as well as use it in the water without fear of the water getting inside and electrocuting yourself.

Speed SelectionThe other thing about certain epilators is that there is usually two speeds that you can choose from. The Braun Epilators have this feature. You can choose the slower speed for hair removal, but it will be slightly more painful since the hair pulling is slower. However, the slower speed does mean that there is a higher chance that the epilator will manage to pull out the shorter hairs which would be missed by the faster speed. As the product page for this model SE7681 states “Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation… speed 2 for extra efficient epilation.” The Speed 1 is the faster speed. In general faster hair pulling results in less pain since the pain associated with pulling hair out by the roots is much faster.

Cordless UseAs for the power source that this model uses, you can use it with the cord or without the cord. With the cord, it will run but still be charging the battery. When you unplug the cord from any 120-240 Volt outlet, the Silk Epil Epilator will still work. That is from the battery inside. It takes about 1 hour to charge the battery to be full. Once you start using it, it can be used for around 40 minutes. This means that these models by Braun are very energy efficient. The power source for it, which is a battery, not just the wall outlet, is rechargeable. The Power adapter that comes with the device is based on 12 Volts. It seems that all of the Braun models of epilators use the 12 Volt Adapter and have the rechargeable power source.

When you buy the device, you get the epilator, with the specific number of epilator head caps (for the model Braun SE7681 there is 5 head caps) along with the Olay Wet Wipes as well as a carry pouch. This is with all of the Braun models.

So what exactly does the SE7681 have which makes it so special? Why is it rated so much higher than the other models of epilators we have seen so far?

It seems that the only difference between the 7681 model of the Silk Epil 7 series by Braun is just with the number of unique head caps that comes with it. With the SE 7681 or SE7681 there you get 5 different caps. They are…

  • shaver headShaver head cap – This cap which you snap over the epilator head turns your epilator into an electric shaver or electric razor. So the device is more than just an epilator. You can use the shaver like any normal razor and shave/cut hair.
  • trimmer capTrimmer cap – The cap which you pop over the head means that it turns into a hair trimmer. The edges are cutting blades so instead of pulling out the hairs, you will be cutting them, but not as much as the shaver head cap.
  • sensitive area capSensitive area head cap – You use this type of epilator head cap on your areas which are much more sensitive. This is referring to the hairs in the bikini line area and the underarms or armpits.
  • facial head capFacial head cap – as the title of the head or cap suggests, you use this type of cap to remove any type of unwanted facial hair you might have. Obviously we are talking about hairs in the upper lip or chin, but also other areas of the face.
  • efficiency capEfficiency cap – This cap seem to be available for all of the epilator models in the Silk Epil 7 series at least. The SE7181, SE7281, and the SE7381 also have this cap. This cap is used to make sure that you care as close to the skin as possible. You get maximum skin contact which means that when you pass a skin area, you can get the hair removed at a faster rate.

So what do other people who already bought the Braun SE7681 think of the model?

It seem that this model by Braun is one of the most popular type of epilator models in the market today. There is a good reason since it has all of the different types of caps and features which the lower number epilators don’t have. There may be no places for people to leave reviews on the actual Braun website but on the Amazon website it is one of the most reviewed models in this niche. There is over 240 reviews and out of those 240+, Exactly half of them have given it the highest of ratings, 10/10. The overall average has been 8/10 which means that it can be defined as a ‘good’ quality model to go with.

There is obviously going to be just a few complaints about it. There has to be a few negative complaints and they seem to suggest the same issues reoccur over and over again. Those issues are…

  • The battery of the device seem to die out on some models. This may be just due to quality control issues and the model sent was defective due to bad luck
  • For some people, they state that after using the SE7681, it resulted in a few ingrown hairs.
  • It seems to miss quite a substantial number of hairs even after a few passes with the device.
  • For the really short hairs, it can’t seem to be able to pick them up. The claim is that it can get even hairs 0.5 mm short but that is probably a slightly exaggerated claim.

So would I recommend the Braun SE7681 Silk Epil 7 Epilator?

From looking over the dozens of Braun Epilators, if I had to choose just one of the models to have for hair removal needs, I would choose this model. I highly recommend this model.

Like we said on what makes this model distinguished from the other models is the 5 different caps that it comes with. With the Shaver head cap, it turns into any normal electric hair cutter. With the trimmer cap, it turns into a hair trimmer.

It just might be smarter to through away the other electric razors and hair trimmers since you have a sort of 5-in-1 hair maintenance device. It pulls out hair, it trims hair, and it cuts hair. I would highly recommend this model. So check out the device by clicking on the link below.

Check out the Braun SE7681 Silk Epil here

You can see a real review on the Braun Model 7681 on its own Youtube channel on the video below


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