Useful Tips On How To Use Your Epilators Properly For Hair Removal


Useful Tips On How To Use Your Epilators Properly For Hair Removal

Useful Tips On How To Use Your Epilators Properly For Hair RemovalThis is just a small collection of useful tips on how to use your epilators properly so that you can get the most out of the hair removal device. Compared to the other ways for hair removal, epilators might not the best option for hair removal because there are some drawbacks with epilator use which the sellers of these devices don’t really tell you until you have already bought the device. You turn on the device, put it on an area that needs serious work, and realize that something is wrong. So what I wanted to help with is remind you just a few tips, rules, and guidelines on how you should properly use your epilators.

Useful Tips On How To Use Your Epilators Properly For Hair Removal

1. Be prepared for pain the first time you try it

There are various methods and techniques for hair removal. Some involve just cutting the hair at the base, but for any type of technique that involved getting the hair pulled out at the root follicle, it is going to be very painful. That is what epilators do. The metal tips or fins which are the edge of the metal discs spinning clamp down on the hair when the hair get into the space between them, and pull the hair out in a swift motion. The skin does have nerve cells which are intricately linked to the root follicles and when you pull at the hair the nerve endings does get stimulated and will send pain signals to the brain signaling pain.

Some people have low pain tolerance levels, and the epilator can be quite painful. Using it on certain areas which are more sensitive, like the bikini line area, the underarms, and upper lip can be too much for some people. If the pain is too much, it might not be worth it taking this approach.

2. The pain decreases over time after continuous use

Since you are pulling the hair out at the root follicle, over time the hair does not regrow back as fast or as much as if you just shaved it. Over time, the number of hairs will be less, so their will be less pain with each progressive use of epilation.

3. Keep the area of the skin taut when you are going over the area with the epilator

The metal edges can often nic and pinch the skin if you don’t pull the skin taut as the discs metal edges will at some point grab a small chunk of your skin and clamp down on it by mistake. It happens to most people that at some point they will get a little bit of pain from using the device if they are not careful.

There are some areas like the underarms and/or armpits which are naturally bumpy from skin folds and those are the areas which are most likely to get nicked and pinched. So be extra careful when you are using the epilator for that region.

4. Be aware of increased incidence of ingrown hairs

The way that the epilators work in pulling out hairs means that sometimes the hair is not properly pulled out and can embed themselves underneath the skin. The way to avoid the increased likelihood of ingrown hair is to use a type of lotion or exfoliation to help remove the old, dead skin cells on the skin surface. The less mess and dirt on your skin means that there is less chance for the hairs to grow wildly out of control and go underneath your skin.

Ingrown hairs are a type of hair which somehow starts to grow back into the skin, either curving back into the skin, or growing sideways.

5. Electronic epilators does not work on certain hairs which are too short

If you already have the hairs to be too short, epilators won’t work. The metal won’t be able to clamp down on them and grasp them. If you did try to push the epilator really close to the skin, it is more likely that you will be nicked and pinched by the device than get the really short hairs removed.

6. When you are trying to get the hairs that are shorter, you want to put the epilator head at an angle.

This is to get the contact between the space between the spinning discs and your skin to be extra close. There will be a higher chance for a much better job of hair removal.

That is all the tips I currently have on how to use the epilator properly. If you have any more suggestions or tips on how to better use these electronic hair removal devices I will be sure to put them in.

For more information and tips on how to use a epilator, watch the video below which also gives you a few ideas on how to prevent ingrown hairs from occurring.

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