Review Of Braun SE 7181 Silk Epil 7 Epilator

Review Of Braun SE 7181 Silk Epil 7 Epilator

Braun SE 7181 Silk Epil 7 EpilatorWe have already seen the SE 7681 and the SE 5280 models of epilators sold by Braun. Those models came from the series Silk Epil 5 and the Silk Epil 7. This model, the 7181 Silk Epil 7 aka SE 7181 is also part of the series 7 of epilator models. The other name for the model is the Braun 7181 Expressive. From my previous review looking at the 7681 model, I had shown from looking at all the features of that one that the 7181 has almost the exact same features as the 5280 and the 7681 but with just slightly less different types of caps for the epilator head

Product Specifications

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My Review

There is almost nothing different between the Braun SE7181 and the Braun SE7681 models. When I looked at the Braun product page for the 7181 it seems that every single feature that we find on the models 7681, 7381, and 7281 all have the exact same number of features as the 7181.

Silk Epil 7 Epilators Comparison Chart

So from justing looking at the label or title given for the different models of epilators which are in the Silk Epil 7 series, each of the models are designed for different areas of the body. The 7181 model is just for the legs, not the face or the delicate areas of the body (i.e. bikini line area and underarms). Of course, it should be assumed that beyond just the legs, the 7181 can be used also on the body and torso, just not the sensitive areas and the face.

When I checked the features that it has, it has all of the same features as the other models in the list pictured above.

  • SmartLight – It has the Smartlight feature to help you see better the skin area to make sure that you are more thorough in removing all the hairs
  • SoftLift Tips – The SoftLift Tip vibrate as a high frequency. When the plastic tips are placing to touch the skin, they lift the hairs up which were lying down.
  • Wet & Dry Features – This means that the epilator can be used in the shower and bath without water getting into the device shorting it
  • Pivoting Head – The head of the pilator can swivel or pivot 15 degrees in either direction to get closer to the skin.
  • Massage System – The outer edges of the head vibrates in high frequency to makes the surrounding area of the skin feel less pain
  • Washable – You can put the head underneath the water in the sink to wash it
  • Pre-Epilation Wipes – You put these wipes on to cool the skin area to relax it before the session
  • Close Grip Technology – The tweezers on the head are aligned in an angle which means that you can get really close to the skin to remove even the shortest of hairs
  • Speed Adjustable – The model has two speed settings, low and high
  • Cordless – The epilator model has a battery inside to make it run when the power cord is pulled out.

So these are the features of the 7181 which makes it exactly the same model of epilator as the other models in the Silk Epil 7 series. The only difference between the models are the caps that go over the epilator’s heads.

For the 7181, there is only 1 cap provided. That is the efficiency cap. The function of the efficiency cap is to get the head to cover more skin area. When the head is covering a bigger surface area of skin the hair removal will be done faster. We note that this model does not have the cap for facial hair, sensitive hair areas, the trimmer cap, or the shaver cap.

So what do other people think of the Braun 7181 model?

Out of the 100+ reviews that are on the website, more than have of them have given it really positive reviews. Of the people who have given it the worst rating, there seems to be a very consistent problem. That problem was that the epilator caused much more pain than they expected. Over and over again the issues were that the pain from epilation was just too much so that they had to stop.

Besides the pain, the tweezers sometimes did nick the skin pinching the nerves on the skin surface. The model sometimes would rotate very slowly. Since the speed was so slow, the pain associated with it as extended. That was the other major problem.

Would I recommend this model to others?

The thing to realize is that the 7181 and the 7281, 7381, and the 7681 are all the exact same epilator product. The only difference between the four models are the types of caps that is provided in the kit. For the 7181, there is only the efficiency cap. For the 7681, there is 5 caps provided. To make the right decision on which model you would want to buy, the real question to ask is what types of functions to do you want the epilator to do. If you also need a hair trimmer and hair shaver, choose the Braun 7681. If you already have a great electrical razor and looking for something to only pull out your hair, choose the Braun 7181. However, I would recommend either of these models.

If we however just looked at the price, we see something very interesting. The model with more caps is just $2 more in price but it has 4 extra head caps. From looking at the prices of these two, I would recommend that a person than choose the Braun 7681. You get much more for for your money.

So check out either of the two models above or you can click on the link below to read what other people have been saying about it.

Check out the Braun 7181 Silk Epil 7 here


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