Philips HP6512 Epilator Review

Philips HP6512 Epilator Review

Philips HP6512 Epilator ReviewPhilips do make some of the best epilators for women there are and the first one I ever looked at, the Philips HP6576 had amazing features. This is the Philips HP6512 Epilator review which I wanted to do since they seem to be so good at removing hairs. The actual name for this model is the HP6512/50 Satinelle Soft Epilator by Philips. The fact that it is either called the HP6512 or the HP6512/50 does not matter since those labels for this model are used interchangeably. The Satinelle Soft refers to the brand of the epilators by Philips. Just like how Serta mattresses have certain types

In terms of appearance the HP6512 looks almost exactly the same as the model HP6401, which is probably the best value for an epilator at a cheap price. The only difference in appearance between the two is the color, which obviously doesn’t matter too much.

Product Specifications

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My Review

What might be even smarter for the prospective buyer is to see the comparison chart which I found and clipped from the Philips HP6512 Satinelle Soft Epilator Amazon product page.

Philips Satinelle Soft Epilators Comparison Chart

So we can see that when we just looking at the features that this Satinelle Soft Epilator model has compared to the other Philips one, we see that there is almost no difference.

First, let’s look at price (using Amazon)

As for price, the HP6401 Satinelle Soft Epilator is cheaper by as much as 33%, or 1/3rd.

  • Both models don’t have the OptiLight feature which would let the user see much more clearly the skin area that are going over to make sure that there are no stray hairs that they missed.
  • Neither are using the ceramic discs like the Philips HP6576 model.
  • Both are only for corded use. What this means is that there is no battery inside the device. When you plug it, the device shut down.
  • Both have two speeds, the low and high. However, the speed adjustable feature is something that is seen in a lot of epilator models these days.
  • They both have the cleaning brush which comes with the entire kit
  • The head on both models are washable in the water under the sink. So you have the option of rinsing the head with water or using the cleaning brush.

What we should do is just focus on what are the differences between the two. There seems to be 2 main differences…

  • This model has something included called the Exfoliation Glove. The glove is something you put on and then use to rub over the area which you plan to epilate.
  • The other thing is the 1 head cap attachment that it comes with. This model has the type of cap which causes the hair that the plastic edge is touch to start to vibrate upwards. The hair is lifted for the space to be easily removed by the tweezer heads.

So what do other people think of the HP6512 Epilator by Philips?

This model would be considered maybe to be either the same quality as the HP6401 or even slightly more advanced. The fact that it is more expensive means that there is probably not a lot of people who would choose this one instead of the other one. There is around 130+ reviews for this model on its Amazon page but there is nearly 300 reviews for the cheaper model. When we look at just the features, it seems that there is absolutely no difference. The fact that there is an extra exfoliation glove for this model does not make that much of a difference.

The difference types of head attachments does have a little bit of difference. It might be that the HP6501/50 model can be slightly more effective in getting the really short hairs but this model with its hair lifter attachment should mean that there is less incidence of the development of ingrown hairs.

Would I recommend this Philips Epilator model to the prospective buyer?

From the actual page on the model on the Philips website, it states that the model costs around $60. You can buy it from Amazon, Walmart, Target,, and I am not familiar with the last two names but I would guess most people have heard of Amazon, Walmart, and Target at some point. I would guess that if anyone is going to buy this device, it would be online and from one of the first 3 stores. On the Amazon website, this model is priced at currently almost $48 and that also includes the Free Shipping.

I would recommend this model of epilator for the buyer. It is a reasonably good hair removal device. So check it out by clicking on the link below.

Check out the Philips HP6512 Epilator here

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