Review Of Braun 3170 Silk-Epil 3 Epilator

Review Of Braun 3170 Silk-Epil 3 Epilator

Review Of Braun 3170 Silk-Epil 3 EpilatorThe Braun 3170 Silk Epil 3 Epilator (or SE3170 or SE 3170 by Braun) has been one of the lesser models in the line of epilators. For Braun, there is 3 series of epilator types. You have the silk epil 3, silk epil 5, and silk epil 7. The Silk Epil 3 is one of weaker, lower quality models because of what it lacks in function. From the Braun 3170 product page it shows that this model is only for the legs, but not the face or more sensitive parts.

Product Specifications

  • Massaging Rollers
  • 20 Tweezer head
  • Has the Smartlight
  • Has the SoftLip Tips
  • Has 2 different speeds
  • Has the cooling glove
  • Color is white & violet

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My Review

When we originally looked at the Braun 7681 Silk Epil 7 model we came across this chart showing the varous models of epilators that Braun has on selection. That chart was taken from the Amazon website which we clipped and pasted below.

Silk Epil Epilators Comparison Chart

Notice which of the models are highlighted and compared. The model 7681, 7181, 5280 , 5185, and this one the 3170. These are definitely either the most popular Braun epilators or the best selling models. In terms of the number of epilators there is actually around a dozen of these but the these 5 are the ones that most people gravitate to. It could be from the hundreds of high rated reviews on them but I suspect that the quality of these models are just slightly better with better features than the not so well known models.

However, let’s get back to see what types of features the Braun model 3170 has. The first thing is that it is not intended for Wet & Dry usage. Its design can not deal with being used in the shower or bath or anywhere near water. The seal is probably not strong enough to handle consistent water situations.

From the name, it is supposed to be used only on the Legs & Body but not the face. However from the Braun website, it states clearly that you are only supposed to use it mainly on the legs, and not the more sensitive places like the bikini line area or the underarms.

20 tweezer systemAs for the tweezers this model has just 20, while all of the other models have 40 tweezers. While having more tweezers does always directly translate to mean that an epilator with more is better, overall having more tweezers do mean that more hair will be removed at the same amount of time.

massaging rollersAs for the issue one whether there is anything included to help massager the skin area close to the head, it does have something known as ‘massaging rollers’. It doesn’t have the dual massager system of the 5280 model or the High Frequency Massager Sytem in the 7681 but there is something. From only looking at the head of the 3170 it seems that the massager might be coming from the way the outer edges and the SoftLift Tips are touching the skin. Remember that the epilator does in a way vibrate because the head is a stack of metal discs spinning. As the spinning is going on the head does vibrate back and forth. The vibration gets transferred to the plastic tips. When the plastic tips and the edges of the epilator touch the skin, the skin does get a rather soothing and exfoliating high frequency massage.

softlift tipsSpeaking of the SoftLift Tips, this model from the Silk Epil 3 series does have the feature of the SoftLift Tips. The Tips when vibrating does cause any hairs that are already flattened on the skin to jump up or lift up. This is to prevent the increased chance of getting ingrown hairs from the use of the Epilator. Some types of epilators don’t have this feature and we suspect that with overuse of those models, ingrown hairs become a major problem for them.

smartlightIt seems that at least all of the 5 models shown in the chart do have the Smart Light feature. This features is just a small circular hole with a light bulb in the center of the device. The light is shined to make sure that you can see the skin area you are epilating clearly. You can see if there are any type of leftover hairs which you get not get when you made a pass over that skin area so that you can go over that area again.

2 speedsThis 3170 model does have a speed control feature. The button in the middle of the device allows you to change from the off setting to either of 2 speeds, the high and the low. This multi-speed feature is in maybe half of all types of epilators sold these days. The slower speeds means that it is more painful, but the hair removal is much more thorough. The faster one has less when you are using it but it will miss more hairs overall.

cooling gloveThe last thing that this model has is what is known as the cooling gloves. These cooling gloves are the type which you put and rub in the air where you intend to epilate before and after. The cooling effect is supposed to decrease the pain or the throbbing of the skin after you finish pulling out the hairs. They increase one’s comfort.

So it has all of the following features above but it is missing quite a few other nice features. It doesn’t have any of the caps or accessories the models in the Silk Epil 7 series does have. There is no trimmer caps, shaving caps, efficiency caps, facial hair removal cap, or sensitive area cap.

The head does not pivot to allow you to get a truly close epilation session. It doesn’t really contour to the curves of your skin. This means that it might leave some hair stubble left on the skin area if the edge of the head is firmly placed over it.

This model was not designed so that you can wash the head part under warm or tepid water in the sink. Instead, what you get is the cleaning brush with your purchase of the epilator. After you are finished with an epilation session, you go inside to pull out any hairs still stuck between the tweezer tips by using the cleaning brush to scrape any type of stuck hairs out.

In terms of power the electrical device runs on the corded feature only. You always need to have the device plugged into the 12 Volt AC Adapter to get it to work. As for color, this model is white and violet.

So what do other people think of the model Silk Epil3-3170?

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