Review Of Emjoi AP-9T Tweeze Tweezer

Review Of Emjoi AP-9T Tweeze Tweezer

Review Of Emjoi AP-9T Tweeze TweezerThe Emjoi AP-9T Tweeze Tweezer is another really popular model of epilator that we found on the Amazon website. From only doing a quick look at the model in terms of what type of epilating head is on it, I would assume that it is not as good as the others. The head is smaller with a smaller surface area for hair removal.

Product Specifications

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My Review

What might be even better than listing the product specifications of this model is to compare this model, the AP-9T with the AP-9L by Emjoi, which goes by the name Epi Slim. They are both extremely similar to each other. On the Emjoi website the Tweeze Tweezer and the Epi Slim are actually both listed currently to be the same price, $20. However on the Amazon website the Tweeze Tweezer is listed at just $6-$8. So in terms of price, this form of epilator is extremely cheap. We might not even be able to call it an epilator but more of a tweezer, which is aptly named.

However, let’s just go through a quick summary and outline of the major points on the model AP-9T. Like the Epi Slim, it also is only a battery operated model of epilator. It uses 2 AA batteries to power it also. Of course, those batteries are not provided.

The sellers specifically say that you can use this epilator type on all the areas of your body, except for the eyebrows. Of course I would suggest that for the eyebrows, one chooses to go with some type of eyebrow threading device, like the Helix Threadase. As for the body areas, the Tweeze Tweezers will be used for hairs in the legs, the bikini line area, the upper lip, the chin, the underarms, armpits, and where ever else there will be any type of excess hair overgrowth.

What is the real different between this model, the AP-9T Tweeze Tweezer and the AP-9L Epi Slim as well as almost all other epilators so far, is just how small the actual surface area for hair removal is on this model. There is only 3 tweezers total. The reason why there is so few is because the focus for this model is to be extremely accurate and precise in how well it actually removes the hair through pulling them out by the roots.

It focuses on tweezing a single hair at a time by using pinpoint precision. The precision allows for it to almost remove even the shortest and finest hair the first pass you do on an area.

As for the packaging, the device is very small and comes in a clamshell packaging. With it you get the cleaning brush. It is so small that it is very easy to bring anywhere and use at any time that you need to. The Emjoi Tweeze lets you tweeze in any direction. The sellers claim that you will not get the usual issues associated with using regular tweezers like scratching, pulling or irritations. Somehow the tweezer tips get the hairs between the tips and pulls them out quickly.

There is one claim which is made which I personally am not sure I would agree with and that is the claim that it is supposed to be painless. The Epilators claim to be painless but that can’t be true. Any type of device that involves actually pulling out hairs at the root will obviously lead to pain unless the skin area beforehand is anesthetized. That is a clear lie by the promoters and advertisers of the product.

So overall, when we compare the Emjoi Tweeze, which is in essence an epilator to others, we realize that the purposes of this model is different from the others. Where in the others like the Emjoi Emagine with its 72 Tweezer heads and large head is for removing hair as fast as possible by covering more area, this model focuses on being precise and thorough. If you use the device over an area, it will get all the hairs out of that area the first time. You won’t need to make a 2nd pass on that area. That is why this model while very limited with just 3 tweezers is one of the most effective in completely pulling out the hairs in the skin area you are pressing it down on.

So what do other people think of the Tweeze Tweezer by Emjoi?

The Tweeze Tweezer which we found from the Amazon website currently has over 300+ reviews and the overall rating of it is 7/10. About half of those people say that it worked really well giving it 5 out of 5 stars but there is a large percentage of people who also said that it was a bad choice of a purchase. We should always be careful when buying something to know what kinds of problems were might be facing in the future so let’s see what issues other previous buyers of it have stated.

  • The main problem that the Emjoi AP-9T has is that seems to not be able to pull out the short hairs very effectively. If you make a pass on the hairy area with it, it only manages to get a few hairs. For men with thicker, stronger hair the tweezer might not even get 1 hair out.
  • The device does often pinch the skin if you put the skin surface to close to the tweezer. Yo will feel the pain and nicks. Often the result is that the skin area develops full of red bumps
  • The device is very loud. That is a common complaint.
  • It is very painful for a lot of people because of the design of the tweezer heads and how you are supposed to position the skin.

Would I recommend the Emjoi AP-9T to to a person trying to remove hair in unwanted areas?

I am hesitant to say that this model of electrical tweezers is a very good choice. There has been a lot of people who have complained that it just doesn’t manage to pickup the really short hairs. The sellers of this device claim that it can tweeze your hairs 30 times faster than if you were doing it by hand, which is impressive, but some people have said that after trying it they decided to go back to the old fashion way of removing with a normal tweezer.

In the end, I would NOT recommend this model. The number of people who have issues with it seems to outweigh the people who have said it was great. I would be very careful. Instead, I would rather recommend that a person looking to get a thorough hair removal to choose the Emjoi Soft Caress. It is more expensive but I think it would be smarter in the long run and will save you the time. You can read my review on the Soft Caress Here. So check out the Emjoi Soft Caress model instead by clicking below!

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