Review Of Emjoi Divine AP-17B Epilator

Review Of Emjoi Divine AP-17B Epilator

Review Of Emjoi Divine AP-17B EpilatorThe model of epilator known as the Emjoi Divine AP-17B has been one of the most popular models sold by Emjoi. Of course there is the Emagine, Epi Slim, Soft Caress, and Tweeze, but the Divine AP-17B is among the top 5 models that we have found. It has hundreds of reviews written about it on its Amazon product page and the overall rating given has been 8/10. So let’s see what makes the Emjoi Divine AP-17B Epilator so attractive when there are already so many great choices of hair removal devices already sold by Emjoi.

Product Specifications

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My Review

As a hair removal device aka epilator I would say from first impressions that it is a high quality product which is average in its measurements. We probably won’t say that it is better than the Emagine, but we can say that it is better than the Epi Slim and the maybe even the Soft Caress and the Tweeze Tweezer. If everything is the same, like how we compared the Braun 7681 to the Braun 7181 and realized that they had the same features, we should then be looking at the prices and comparing the different costs of each of the models.

As for the price, we can say that the Emjoi Divine Epilator which is the AP-17B is one of the cheaper models. It might even be the cheapest epilator model we have seen so far if we choose not to put the Tweeze Tweezer into the category of an epilator because of it having just 3 tweezer heads. The listed price for this is just $35 from the actual Emjoi product page and it is listed at $29 on Amazon currently. In terms of cost and convenience the best way to get it is through Amazon.

If we now moved away from the cost, and looked at what it had, we see a few things that makes it seem to be a great choice if you are just getting into the use of epilators for hair removal.

First, the Emjoi Divine has 36 tweezers. This number is actually the industry standard. For most models of epilators, they have 36 tweezers. The maximum we have seen so far has been 72 tweezers, which was in the Emagine also by Emjoi. However, we should remember that having more tweezers doesn’t always automatically make an epilator model better. There are just too many other features and factors to consider to get the perfect hair removal device for your own unique situations.

The 2nd thing that makes this model different from the other models is the head is coated with a silver coating. The Silver or Silver Ion Technology that it uses helps prevent microbes from infecting the area. Historically and chemically it has been found that silver is a very good antimicrobial element. It keeps harmful bacteria from spreading in a certain region where the precious metal is located. This is very similar to the Emjoi Soft Caress which has the gold layer which covers the epilator head.

The last thing is how many rotations the 36 tweezers can do. The device can be used with the cord or cordless. With the cord, it will be using the AC Adapter as the power cord. This causes the discs to be spinning at 54,00 RPMS (rotations per minute). When you unplug the cord, there is a battery inside that will continue to power the electrical hair removal device. The RPM drops slightly down to a rotation speed of 46,800 RPMs.

As for the power, like we said it operates by cord and cordless. When it is cordless, it is powered by 3 AAA batteries. Remember to buy the rechargeable type of batteries to save on costs.

The other feature it has is that the device is a 2-speed device. You can set it to the low speed or the high speed.

In terms of design, this model was designed and engineered to be ergonomic. The handle is made to fit comfortably in your hand. It is easy to hold and maneuver. On the outer edge, there is a certain type of contour design. The way that outer edge is done keeps the skin taut so that when you start to move the epilator around the skin does not get pinched or nicked by the tweezer heads.

It has something known as the ‘skin glide technology’. This Skin Glide feature seems to be able to get the hairs that are lying down to lift up and get the hairs trapped between the space between the tweezer discs ready to be pulled out. It has these specific patented channels that can get even the shortest hairs at 0.5 mm long and the hairs lying flat to be pushed upwards.

On the outer edges, beside the contour, are the series of small plastic knobs which is labeled ‘fingers’. The fingers run along the skin area to help alleviate a little bit of the pain through a slight massage.

Apparently this model is really good for the more sensitive areas like the bikini line, the underarms, and the legs.

When you buy the epilator, you get the entire kit. The Kit includes the Emjoi Diving AP-17B, the plastic finger attachment, the exfoliation attachment, and the cleaning brush.

So what do people who already bought the Divine AP-17B think of it?

This version by Emjoi has over 200+ reviews on it by people who took the time to write something. Out of those, about 40% of those people have given it the highest of ratings. What we should be focusing on should not be the raving reviews, but reading the reviews where people have some type of problem with the model. In general, it is smarter to be aware of the types of problems this one will have than to only read what is good written about it.

About 10% of the people gave it the worst rating. Those people seems to have consistent problems with it. They are…

  • The epilator seems to not have enough power to really pull out the hairs.
  • Sometimes the batteries die out very quickly.
  • The epilator would actually break the hairs than pull them out.
  • The tweezers would get too close to the skin and pinch them leaving the skin area with read bumps.

Would I recommend this model?

At this point, I would hesitantly say that this model is okay for a person to use. It has a few issues with buyers have had with it but because of its price, being one of the cheapest models that is in the market, even if a person made a mistake and it was not very good, the money spent was not too much that there would be a lot of regret. I would recommend the Emjoi Divine. It is a reasonably good epilator. So check out the Emjoi Divine AP-17B by clicking on the link below.

Check out the Emjoi Divine AP-17B here

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