Review Of Panasonic ES-WD94-P Women’s Electric Epilator

Review Of Panasonic ES-WD94-P Women’s Electric Epilator

Review Of Panasonic ES-WD94-P Women's Electric EpilatorPanasonic has been making only a few models and types of epilators but the few that they have made have been extremely well reviewed and overall high ratings. The model known as the ES-WD94-P is one of the two most popular models currently being sold. The other one is the Panasonic ES-WD51-P. However, I would personally say that the ES-WD51-P model is probably slight more popular than this one. It could be because of the price alone since this ES-WD94-P model is slightly more expensive than the other one. So let’s see how this epilator models compares to the others.

Product Specifications

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My Review

From the Panasonic page for the ES-WD94-P there is much more accurate information on the electric epilator. This model type is labeled “6-in-1 Wet & Dry” type. What this means is that the epilator with different types of caps that snap on the head will turn it into 5 other types of hair removal devices.

There is 6 caps that you would pop onto the head part. There is the

  • 1. Shaver Head
  • 2. Beginner Cap
  • 3. Foot Care Head
  • 4. Gentle Cap
  • 5. Bikini Comb.
  • 6. The Epilator head

Technically all of these parts are attachments which goes with the Panasonic ES-WD94-P Epilator.

As for the wet and dry label, this means that the way it was designed means that you can put the head in water and turn it on. You can use the epilator in the shower and the bath, use it with lather or foam, and it would be fine. The device is for wet and dry situations.

As for the features that it has, there are a few that makes it more efficient in hair removal. The first thing we note is that the ES-WD94-P has a built in LED Light. The light is shone to help you see any stray hairs that might have been missed by the epilator.

With the head cap called the “Foot Care Head”, the epilator turns into a feet callus remover device. As written on its product page this epilator model can be used for “gentle foot care”. It has the wide polishing stone surface which will rub on the skin to remove extra hard and thick skin away like the calluses that develop so often on the feet.

As for the number of tweezer heads or discs, there is a total of 48 of them. That is 33% more than the average number, which is 36 tweezer discs. The increase in number means that the epilator model should be slightly more effective and faster in removing the hairs.

The tweezer blades or discs are made from material that is free from the element of Nickel. The fact that it is nickel-free means that there is less of a chance that the spinning metal would irritate the skin or cause any type of skin allergic reaction. Like the label says, it is “hypoallergenic”.

What this Panasonic epilator seems to really work well on is the wet applications, which is called the “Foam Epilation”. With the wet application, you put just a few droplets of soap on the head, and let the discs start spinning. The spinning action causes the soap to turn into foam. This foam way of hair removal will make it slightly less painful.

The last feature that makes this model very popular is that the head is designed in a way which allows it to swivel or tilt from side to side. This is known as the Side-To-Side Glide Technology. The  feature allows the head to adjust itself to get much closer to the skin surface when you are passing the epilator over the skin areas. The body has curves and contours and the head that can tilt from side to side means that it will be more effective and thorough in hair removal.

In terms of size, the dimensions of this product are 5.3 x 2.3 x 1.6 inches and its weight is just 6 ounces.

As for the power, it takes about an hour to charge the epilator from being completely empty to completely full of battery power. When you unplug it to use the device cordlessly there is about 30 minutes of usage before the battery goes back down to 0.

When you buy the epilator you get the kit which includes the epilator, the 6 total head attachments, the power charge, the cleaning brush, and the travel pouch.

Panasonic Comparison Chart

If we actually looked at the following models by Panasonic, The ES-WD51-P and the ES-WD94-P something is clearly obvious. The device of both the models are exactly the same. The dimensions, weight, power specs, and function are the same for both models. The number of tweezing discs are the same. The only difference between the two models are the number of head caps there is. Where the ES-WD94-P has 6 different fittings for the head, the ES-WD51-P has only 3.

When we compare the two in price, the differences in price for just 3 extra caps for hair removal application might be slightly ridiculous.

So what is going on if we decided to go with this model is pay aronud $17 more dollars for an extra 3 head caps.

So what do other people who bought this model of epilator from Panasonic think about it?

This model is the slightly more expensive model of Side-To-Side Glide Technology Epilators sold by Panasonic. The other one which is the ES-WD51-P is cheaper by around 25%. In turn, there have been less people who have chosen this model than the other one. While the other one has over 300+ reviews on its Amazon product page, the page for this one has around 80+ currently. That shows that most people are favoring the price than anything else. That is reasonable since we realize now that the actual device is exactly the same for both. This one just has 3 extra head caps.

For the reviews, more than half the people who have wrote something about it have given it the highest of ratings, a 10/10. This model is good. What is something that the people probably really like about it is the extra head which is for scrubbing the feet. That is a very nice feature. As for any issues and concerns about the model, there is very few.

So would I recommend this Panasonic Epilator to others?

Something else which we have not looked at yet is just how much the model costs. On the Panasonic website it would cost you $87 but from other retail stores like Amazon it would be priced at $82 with free shipping. For online stores like Amazon there is often more than one seller of the model so it would be smart to look around to find which sellers would ask the lowest prices for the model.

I would recommend this model. So check it out by clicking on the link below.

Check out the Panasonic ES-WD94-P here

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