Review Of Remington EP6025 Epilator

Review Of Remington EP6025 Epilator

Review Of Remington EP6025 EpilatorRemington only makes a few epilators but they are also rated very highly by people who have tried them out. The model type Remington EP6025 Epilator has been really good but there is not a lot of information written about it. From just looking at the head of it, I would say that the spinning discs and the design makes it a very good choice if you are trying to find a reasonably good epilator to start trying out.

Product Specifications

  • 42 Tweezers
  • 2 Speed
  • Can be cordless or corded
  • Included with the kit is a facial hair removal head attachment

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My Review

I don’t think there is too much to say about this model from Remington. When I looked into finding more information about this epilator by Remington, there was not much that I did find. The Brand name for this is probably the Smooth and Silky (or Smooth & Silky). From the color and design of it, it is definitely intended just for women to use.

In terms of price, it is slightly on the mid-range of prices for epilators. It is listed on the Amazon website for around $55 which also includes the free shipping. This price means that it is not the cheapest type but not very expensive either. The cheapest epilator model we have seen so far is probably the Emjoi Soft Epil which we actually did not recommend. The cheapest model of epilator was another Emjoi model, the Emjoi Divine model number AP-17B.

Beyond just looking at the price, the EP6025 model from Remington has features which makes it a slightly above-average type. The one thing that defines it from the others is the number of tweezers it has. There is supposed to be 42 tweezer discs that are spinning for the model. That is a few more than the average which seems to be 36 tweezers. The extra tweezers might help a little with the rate at which a skin area can be epilated, but overall that should not make too much of a difference.

It is a 2 speed model, which doesn’t say a lot since almost every single model we have reviewed thus far seem to have the speed adjustable feature.

The Remington EP6025 has this type of moisturizing comfort technology. I am personally not sure what this comfort technology is but I would suspect that the feature is to ease and decrease the amount of pain a person using the epilator would feel. The moisturizing part means that the head can be used with water or soapy water. You put a little bit of foam water on the head of the tweezers and the spinning discs makes it start to lather.

The other part that makes the session less painful is that plastic fingers or frilly things that are on the edge of the head. After the skin area has the hair pulled out, the fingers massage the area to reduce the skin irritation and nerve endings.

The other feature which this model has which makes it a little bit unique is that there is something known as the Facial Hair Attachment. This attachment is similar to the epilator head caps which we have seen before. You pop on the attachement to turn the area and spacing of the discs in a configuration so that it will be more effective in removing facial hair. Of course, this device is not limited to just the body and facial hair. It seems to work as well on the more delicate areas of the body.

When you buy it you get the epilator, the facial attachment, the AC Adapter, and the carrying pouch.

Would do other people think of the Remington EP6025 model?

From taking only a quick initial look at the model, it would seem that it is a better than average epilator. Out of the almost 200 reviews currently written about it, almost half of them gave it really good reviews. For the people who have some complaints about it, the types of problems that they had include the fact that the epilator seemed to not be able to pull out the hairs. When the Remington EP6025 did pull out the hairs, what was left were red marks and red bumps.

Apparently if the hair you are trying to remove is too thick and coarse, the epilator won’t work in removing the hairs. What happens is that the hair is snapped off causing the hair root area to become swollen leaving red bumps. Some people have said that the epilator is not strong enough to get the thicker hairs and it can’t seem to be able to get the shortest hairs.

The last issue people had with this model is that it was very painful. Of course this model apparently is only for dry use. You can’t put some soap or foam on it to make it so it would be less pain

Overall, how is this Remington Epilator model? 

In terms of price, this model is mid-ranged. As for the features, it doesn’t have as many useful ones as the others. I think that if you just starting out on trying out the option of using epilators to remove hair for a more permanent fashion, this one might be a good choice. The sellers do claim that after one use, your skin would be hairless for upwards of even 6 weeks. That is impressive.

So check out the Remington EP6025 Epilator by clicking on the link below.

Check out the Remington EP6025 here

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