Braun 5180 Silk Epil 5 Epilator Review

Braun 5180 Silk Epil 5 Epilator Review

Braun 5180 Silk Epil 5 Epilator ReviewCompared to the other model number types of epilators, the Braun 5180 Silk Epil 5 Epilator is just not as popular or well known. It seems that this model may not be getting the same type of popularity because of the lack of certain features found in other models in the Silk Epil 5 series. It is also lacking head attachments that comes with it. There is just 1 cap that comes with this model, the efficiency cap. Of course this is after we have done more research on the exact model by looking at the Braun website.

Product Specifications

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My Review

Checking this model on the Braun website which lists the model SE 5180 as available, it seems to be a lower model than the 5280. In terms of the model number alone that makes sense. When we look at the feature chart that it has and compare the features that are in this Braun epilator model to the others some things are clearly obvious. The 5180 is supposed to be used only on the legs while the 5280 can be used on both the legs and the body.

First, let’s list the exact features which both the 5280 and the 5180 have in common.

They both have the High Frequency Massage feature in common so the skin area that the plastic edges are touching get a good vibrational massager which relieves a little bit of the pain associated with one’s hair being pulled out. You get the cooling glove in both models. The cooling glove is added so that you put it over your hand, and then rub the glove over the skin area before and after the epilation session. The entire line of Silk Epil Epilators have been given some type of approval or recommendation by at least one qualified dermatologist. Both models have the Close Grip Technology. The intended result is that even the shortest of hairs can be reached and be pulled out by the root. The Pivoting Head feature is also part of both models. The head swivels and tilts in either direction to accommodate for the way the body’s natural curves and contours are turning. The other features like the SoftLift Tips and the SmartLight also exist in both models. As for the head, the heads are washable underneath water. The entire device is basically waterproof with a very strong and tight seal. In all of the braun models I have seen so far there is the Speed Personalization feature which means that you can adjust the speed of the epilator head disc rotation from low to high speed for different types of hairs.

Now, the features that makes these two models different from each other.

There is only difference between the models. The 5180 has only one head cap which is included as an epilator attachment. The 5180 only has the efficiency cap for the head attachment. The 5280 has 3, which includes the efficiency cap, the shaver head, and the trimmer cap.

The other thing that makes the difference is the color of the model. While the 5280 is made of white and light red, the 5180 is white and purple.

This shows that if a person is going to get any type of Braun Epilator, make sure to see which series it is and realize that for at least 3 series that they sell, every single model is exactly the same. The only difference has always been the attachments that are included or not included. What we should be doing is just comparing the prices of the various models sold by just one seller and decide whether the 1 or 2 extra different head attachments are worth the increase in price.

What do other people think of the Braun SE 5180 Silk Epil 5?

This model currently has around 130+ reviews that was given to it on its Amazon page. That is a lot of reviews when we realize that most people never come back to write anything in terms of reviews. When people do write something, it is usually something negative, to complain about a product. Based on the charts and numbers, only around 5% of people have given it the worst of ratings while around half of the people who have written something has said that it is great. When I looked over what the people who had the biggest complaints had to say, it seems that most of the issues that were brought up may be due to just bad luck and an individual getting a defect product. I suggest that they call up the sellers and ask for a replacement to see if the problem continues.

Would I recommend this model for the prospective buyer?

Based on the pricing that is for this model, which can range from $60-$90, it might be a little too expensive for most people to pay. This model only has 1 attachment that comes with it so I am not willing to give it the recommendation. What I would rather suggest to the buy is NOT to go with this model. Instead I suggest the Braun 7181 (which we wrote a review here) which is a higher end of the epilator series Silk Epil. It costs the same as this model but you also get the feature where the device can be used in wet situations. This should help decrease the pain you would feel from the epilation session.

Check out the Braun SE 7181 Epilator here

Or check out the Braun 5180 here

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