Review Of Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Epilator

Review Of Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Epilator

Review Of Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 EpilatorThis model of epilator sold by Epilady is called both the Epilady Legend 4 Epilator as well as the Epilady EP-810-33A. It seems to be one of the newer models of Epilady Epilators sold by the company. There was the older models like the Epilady Esthetic Facial Hair Removal Epilators which had the original design with the springs but those were found to be not durable since the springs were being pushed and pulled to much eventually leading to the springs breaking. This one, the Epilady Legend 4 Epilator seems to be based on the newer standard design of the spinning metal discs with the metal tips moving towards each other and then moving away from each other.

Product Specifications

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My Review

This model of rotating disc epilator sold by Epilady called the EP-810-33A is the 4th generation design type by the company. From the Epilady website the specifications are given. Based on the pictures showing the device on its side, there seems to be 8 tweezer head tips on each side. If we assume that there is about locations making a full circumference of the disc circle, I would guess that the model has probably 24 tweezer heads. Apparently the tweezers are spinning at a speed which allows for 32,000 tweezes every minute.

In terms of design, the head was made to be wide so that more skin area can be covered and the epilation session can be done faster. As for the grip handle, it was designed to be ergonomical. The outer layer is made of rubber so that you will always have a tight, firm grip on it without it slipping.

It is supposed to be able to even remove hair that are the shortest. It would take around 4-5 weeks before the hair ever regrew back.

As for where you can use it, it is good for all the areas of the body. This includes the legs, the face, the bikini line area, and the arms. To avoid getting your skin pinched or nicked, there is some type of patented technology that is part of the epilator head design. It reduces the chances that your skin will get pinched.  A tip that is given from the Epilady website states that after you use the hair removal device you want to wait around 30-60 minutes before you put on the skin moisturizing cream. A recommendation on the type of lotion is aloe vera. To decrease the amount of pain, you should use the device after a shave or bath where the skin pores become slightly larger.

There is supposed to be two speeds for this device. There is the lower setting and the higher setting. The different speed setting are for different types of hairs and different types of sessions. There is actually a trick to deciding which speed setting you want to use. To be more thorough on the hair removal, you want o use the slower speed. With the slower speed, there is less of a chance that the device will just cut and snap the hairs apart. When you have coarse and thicker hair, you want to use the faster speed. The faster speed means that you don’t have to worry about the hair breaking as easily and it is also because the hairs are stronger and more deeply embedded into the skin. Inversely, you want to use the slower speed mode for the thinner, easier to break hair so that the hair removal won’t cause the hairs to leave stubble and the roots.

When you buy the epilator, you get the entire kit which will include the Perfect Angle Guide which will shows you how to use the epilator and how to position it, and angle it so that you will get the most optimal shave possible. There is also the AC Adapter or power cord, the cleaning brush, the owner’s instructions manual, and the carrying case to hold everything in one place.

To clean the device, you just pop off the epilation head and clean out the hairs that are inside with the cleaning brush which has been included

In terms of power, this model allows you to use it cordlessly. Some models don’t have this option. When the device is fully charged the battery inside can last it upwards of 60 minutes total. In fact, the power adapter you do get is for different types of volts. The range is 100-240 Volts so you can use the device even for international country voltage ratings. You want to leave this device to fully charge every few months of use. It is supposed to take a full 8 hours to completely charge up. When the battery is getting low, you want to start plugging in the cord to give it slightly more juice and increase the speed and power again.

What do other people who have already bought the Epilady EP-810-33A think of it?

Based on the 100+ reviews that have been given for this model found from the Amazon product page this model has been rated to be consistently good. Over half of the reviews have given it the highest of ratings. There has been just a minority of people who have given it the worst of reviews. The main complaint about this model has been just how painful it is for the users. Some times the epilator does start to pinch the skin leaving red bumps. The other thing seems to be that it doesn’t pull out the hairs as well as advertised. Where it was said to be quick, some people have complained that ever after multiple passes and half an hour they still couldn’t get their legs completely smooth and hairless.

Would I recommend this model?

As an epilator, the design of the head has been greatly improved over time. The spinning discs which make up the tweezer tips are a very smart design. Based on the high percentage of people who have only good things to say about it, I would highly recommend this model from Epilady. The main issue of it being painful is something that I think everyone should be completely aware of before they ever decide to buy any type of device whose main way of remove hair is pulling the hair out by their roots. The device is going to cause a certain degree of pain. If a person can’t deal with the pain normally associated with the act of hair plucking using tweezers, epilators are not a good choice for them. Other than that, this model would work great for most people. So check out the Epilady Epilator by clicking on the link below.

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