Review Of Remington EP7030 Epilator

Review Of Remington EP7030 Epilator

Review Of Remington EP7030 EpilatorThe Remington EP7030 Epilator is another model from the series of hair removal devices by Remington. This model called the EP7030 has a longer name which includes terms like “Wet and Dry” and “Face and Body”. This means that the head can be used with any type of wet substance. You can pour some water, foam, or laterh on the head and the discs will still spin just fine. Not only that, epilators that use the wet feature result in slightly less painful epilation sessions. This model has that feature. Product Specifications

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My Review

When we look at the types of features this model has, it is very similar to the Philips and Braun models that we have seen. In terms of quality, I would say that it is just as good as the more well known models sold. Here are the features details about the Remington EP7030 model of epilator.

40 Tweezer Heads – The model has a slightly above average number of tweezers. This makes it attractive to choose.

Use it for Wet & Dry Application – You want to use it after a shower or bath where the warm water or stem caused the skin pores to open up slightly. The hair removal process should be slightly less painful as a result.

Skin stays hairless and smooth for upwards of 6 weeks – With the really effective hair removal, when the root is completely pulled out, the skin area can stay smooth and hairless for upwards of even 4-6 weeks.

Shining light in the middle – There is a light designed into the middle that allows for it to shine on the skin area. You can see much more clearly whether there are any stray hairs that are missing and didn’t get pulled out properly.

Flexible head feature – The head can tilt and pivot so that it can fit perfectly to the different curves and contours of the skin and body.

Head cap is angled – It seems that the cap or head is designed to be at the perfect angle is that hair removal is optimal

So what do other people who already bought the Remington EP7030 think of it?

There are not a lot of people who have reviewed this model. As for the people who did review it, it seems that all of them have been positive. Only good things have been written about the model. This might just mean that there are not enough people who have tried it out. However the good ratings on this model means that it is at least a good model to choose from. There will obviously be some pain associated with using the device. The fact that it is a wet & dry epilator model means that at least the pain would be reduced with the warm water application from the soap or water.

I would recommend this model. It seems to be very effective from the angled cap designed. So check out the epilator by clicking on the link below.

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