Remington EP-6010 Epilator Review

Remington EP-6010 Epilator Review

Remington EP-6010 Epilator ReviewThe Remington EP-6010 Epilator is also called the Soft & Silky Full Sized Epilator as a brand name. I found the Remington product page for the EP6010 Epilato model and it seems that this model is just a very simple type that was in the “Shavers & Parts” section. As for the features, all of them are average. This model is very simple and has only a few features. However, the one defining part of it is the price, which makes it one of the cheapest epilators in the market today. The current price which I found it from the Amazon website is just $28 and that includes the free shipping. On the Remington website, the cost of the same thing would be $40. So for price, getting it from Amazon would probably be the best option.

Product Specifications

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My Review

We have already looked at the Remington EP6010 (or EP-6010) and seen that in terms of just the price, it is a great deal. It is one of the cheapest models that we have seen so far. As for the features, everything is very average.

  • Number of Tweezers – As for the number of tweezers, it has 42 tweezer heads or discs in total.
  • Speed Control – As for the option to change the speed, this model also has that. There is the low speed and the high speed. The low speed is for the coarser hair while the high speed is for the fine hair.
  • Power Usage – This model does not have a battery inside. It means that it can only be powered with the cord attached. If you unplug the cord, there is no battery inside to keep it going.
  • Curved Head Design – The head of the Remington EP6010 is curved so that the head will be closer to the skin surface when you are running the head of the epilator over the various skin surfaces.
  • Included – When you buy the epilator, you get also the cleaning brush with it, the protective cap which you snap on, and the AC Power cord.

So overall, it is very simple. There is no bells and whistles with this model. If it can do a great job in pulling out the hairs in unwanted places it would be a great choice. However, if one is looking for something more, this would not be a great choice.

What do other people who have already bought the EP-6010 (or EP6010) think of it?

This is one of those models which have a few people who have bought it and the overall rating for it has been very good. On average, it has been given a rating of 8/10. Exactly half of the people from the 20+ reviews have given it the highest of ratings. As for the people who have issues and complaints about it, there is actually nothing consistent in the complaints.

  • Some people complain that it caused their skin to bleed even.
  • Some people complained that the blades couldn’t grab the shorter hairs.
  • Others say that the product seemed to be of a cheap low quality.
  • There are no plastic fingers on the edges like other models.

Would I recommend the Remington EP6010?

There are the few people who have had problems with the model but I would suspect that this type of cheaper epilator model would not work as well as the more expensive types. It makes sense that it would not be as good as the others because of the design, how strong it is rated, and the lack of certain features which would make it less painful to use.

Overall, this is a reasonable model to choose from to get if a person is looking for a cheap alternative to the more expensive models by Emjoi. So check out the EP-6010 by clicking on the links below.

Check out the EP-6010 Epilator here

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