Emjoi Optimax Epilator Review

Emjoi Optimax Epilator Review

Emjoi Optimax Epilator ReviewThe Emjoi Optima AP-98R Epilator is probably one of the less popular models sold by Emjoi. Based on the design and features of this specific model I am not sure if it is really all that unique or different than the other models we have already seen. When we looked at the way the spinning discs are aligned next to each other, we felt that the spacing of the tweezer heads might mean that there would an increase in the incidence of the skin being pinched and nicked. However, it is important that we at least take the time to go over the the various features over to see what it offers.

Product Specifications

  • 30 Tweezers
  • Rechargeable
  • Designed for women
  • Used on the Face and Body
  • Tweezes

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My Review

The first thing that is noted about this model is that number of tweezer head that it has. This one has a total of 30 tweezers, which is slightly less than the usual number of 36. The less tweezers might mean that the area you are trying to remove hairs from would require a longer amount of time to get clean and smooth.

The tweezers are actually a form known as dual opposable tweezers. The Dual opposed tweezers we would assume means that there are two spinning discs stacks. The discs stacks are not pulling in the same direction. One is going in the clock-wise direction and the other cylindrical stack is spinning in the counter-clock wise direction. The opposable direction nature means that hairs that are growing in either direction are being removed efficiently.

The 2nd feature is that the epilator has a speed adjustable feature. There is two speeds you can set it to, the low and the high. The high speed is supposed to be able to do 72,000 rotations per minutes. The low speed is claimed to go as high as 57,000 rotations a minute. These RMPS are some of the highest that we have seen. However we already know that having a faster spinning rate does not mean that it will be able to remove the hair effectively. What often happens more often is that the higher speeds results in the hairs being ripped apart, snapping the hair strand instead of grabbing it by the root and pulling the hair out by the roots. So high RPM means that you are more likely to get stubbles than the complete removal of the hair.

The design of the contours of the epilator head means that it will keep the skin area that is being epilated on taut. The skin beeing kept taut is to prevent pain and pinching by the tweezer heads.

There are these hair guides which get the short hairs to lift up and get caught in the spaces between the tweezers. After you finish removing the hairs in one region, they claim that the region is supposed to stay hair free for upwards of 4-6 weeks.

If you plan to use this model on your face you want to use the attachment only on one side. It would work on the upper lip, the chin. As for the other areas of the body, it would work on the bikini line area, the legs, and the underarm hairs.

As for the power, this model can be cordless. This means that you don’t have to always plug it in to turn on the device. There is a rechargeable battery inside.

When you buy the epilator  you get the entire kit. This kit includes the epilator device, the cleaning brush, the owner’s instructional booklet, and the carrying case.

So what do people who have already bought the Optimax think of it?

This may be one of the first models sold by Emjoi where there have been a substantial number of complaints about it. In terms of numbers, there are not a lot of people who have left a review. Of those reviews, some issues were brought up. These include the fact that this model seems to not work on facial hair removal. It is painful and the batteries seem to die out very quickly. It doesn’t even remove the hairs on the legs very effectively.

I would not recommend this model because of the number of complaints about it. However it one is very insistent on trying out the model, then click on the link below.

Check out the Emjoi Optimax here

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