Review Of Remington EP6010CDN Epilator

Review Of Remington EP6010CDN Epilator

Review Of Remington EP6010CDN EpilatorThis model is the Remington EP6010CDN Epilator. It seems to be exactly the same as the EP6010 which we had reviewed before Here. What we want to see is whether this current model, the EP6010CDN, is any different from the EP6010. We will compare the features of both models, look at the design power source, and more to see which one is slightly better than the other one.

Product Specifications

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My Review

When we originally did the review on the Remington EP6010 Epilator, we went by that model really quickly. If we checked the actual model from the Remington website, the features that are given are the same for this model and the other model without the suffix of “CDN” attached.

There are just a few features at most with this model’s design so we will go over them quickly.

  • This model has 42 tweezer heads
  • This model can not be used cordless. You will always need to have it plugged into the wall with the power cord
  • This model has 2 speeds, which you can change between.
  • The head is curved for a more thorough epilation session.

That is all that this model consists of, besides maybe the product dimensions, weight, and color. Of course those design parameters are not as important as the essential parts.

So would we recommend this model, the Remington EP6010CDN, to the reader?


We did state in the other reviews from looking at other reviews that it was a reasonably good model to choose. From the amazon product page, this model did get some very good reviews and ratings on it. Out of the 40+ current reviews, its overall rating is 7/10. It does have some issues, just like the EP6010.

These are the most common issues

  • While it does seem to remove hair, it more often breaks the hair in two than actually pull the hair out by the root
  • It doesn’t get all the hairs in a skin region
  • It is very slow in actually removing the hair
  • You can’t use this device on the facial hairs or it will cause major skin irritation problems.

We know now that the EP6010CDN model and the EP6010 are the exact same model. While we have been listing all of the problems the people who wrote for this product page have stated, we would still recommend it. Overall, the ratings for this device and the reviews do show that it can pull hairs out by their roots for the majority of the people who buy it and use it. This is just an average to good quality epilator to try out.

In terms of price, this model is very cheaper compared to others. It is currently listed at around $25 from Amazon. When you buy it you get a 2 year warranty on it so there is some type of insurance or protection over it if you get it and it has a built in manufacturing problem. Even if you don’t like it there is always the added protection of the warranty in case it breaks and the head no longer removes hair.

So check out this model of Remington Epilator by clicking on the link below.

Check out the EP6010CDN here

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