Review Of Remington i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light IPL Hair Removal System

Review Of Remington i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light IPL Hair Removal System

Review Of Remington i-LIGHT Pro Intense Pulsed Light IPL Hair Removal SystemThe actual name for this laser hair removal device is the i-Light Pro. It is designed and sold by the company Remington. Remington is also well known for selling it really great models of epilators which we have already reviewed multiple times. In fact, the company Remington claims that they are the “nations’s #1 personal grooming company” on the i-Light Pro’s Amazon product page. This is a big claim but I am personally aware that Remington is a company that focuses mainly on selling products dealing with personal grooming like hair removal, hair trimming, and similar avenues of cosmetic products. From looking at the various epilator models, I would say that this device is probably not a complete scam product. It must have at least some ounce of credibility over the claims it makes about the i-Light Pro Hair Removal System.

This is a hair removal system or hair removal device. It uses this new form of technology called ProPulse Technology. The ProPulse technology is supposed to be proprietary, which means that the idea was started by someone else, and they are trying to protect the new idea by filing a patent to protect their intellectual property’s rights. While I am not very familiar with most types of light therapy devices or pulsing technologies, I do understand a little bit of of physics from my college classes. It seems that the technology is based on the device sending some type of light wave that is emitted in a pulsating fashion. The fact that the word “intense” is added before the term pulsed light suggest that the light does have a high intensity.

From basic physics principles, we note that all light are basically made of Electricity & Magnetic Fields and Waves. Technology all phenomena in terms of atoms can be described in terms of particles and waves. However, for our situations, we are going to describe the light in this context as a type of wave. It is noted that light just consist of packets of light energy known as Photons.

Getting back to the subject of the type of energy or pulsed light that this device emits, it is not exactly laser that this device emits, but a type of high intensity or strong light. That light is strong. I would then guess that what it does is trying to mimic the similar type of phenomena exhibited by those large, expensive laser hair removal machines that are found on so many dermatologist clinics. However, laser is actually light rays that are focused into one place.

From the Wikipedia article on laser, the actual name for laser is an acronym. The word represents the term L.A.S.E.R. Those letters are the first letters for the 5 word term “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. From the term it seems to suggest that the normal type of light rays which are usually scattered in all directions, are concentrated together. The results of having all that light concentrated in one space is to have the intensity of the light become Amplified.

In the product description of the i-LIGHT PRO there is no talk about the fact that the ProPulse Technology has the light focused and concentrated into one spot. That means then the light being admitted by the device is NOT a laser. It is just a high intensity light wave. The wave is emitted in a regular, repeating pattern that is known as pulsing.

So that is a little bit on the background and the scientific theory on why this laser hair removal device would even work. We now look at the different types of features it has.

The Features

  • Skin Tone Sensor – This is the first feature that this Intens Pulsed Light Hair Removal device has. It is some type of sensor which can detect what type of tone or shading your skin is under. Apparently this device can not be used by people who have skins who are too dark. Once the skin goes over a certain shading and becomes too dark, the sensors tells you that it can’t work on your skin color type. Based on scientific reasoning I would guess that it works by checking how much light is reflected back from an emitted light. Black color and the surfaces which have black light actually completely reflect all of the lights that reaches the surface back to it. White color is the type of color which actually absorbs all the light rays of all the different colors and wavelengths. Thus, if the sensor after shining a light detects that too much of the light it just emitted was reflected back, it will tell you that you can’t use the device.
  • Skin Contact Sensors -This sensor I would assume tell you that the emitted pulsing light did manage to get beneath the skin layer and actually have some type of effect on the hair root or hair follicle. The sellers of the device claim that somehow the light that is emitted is at a certain wavelength which allows it to disrupt the follicles of the hair and cause the hairs to not grow back.
  • 5 Energy Levels
  • Corded Power – This feature just means that the device has no battery power. You must always have the device plugged into the wall. If you unplug the AC Adapter power cord the entire electrical device shuts down. There is not charged battery as a 2nd type of power source.



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