Using High Frequency Pulse Massagers For Pain Relief After Using Epilators For Hair Removal

Using High Frequency Pulse Massagers For Pain Relief After Using Epilators For Hair Removal

Pulse Massagers For Pain ReliefThere are actually quite a few common problems which come from using epilators or almost any type of device that promises to remove the hair from your skin by pulling it out by the roots. Some of the most commonly cited problems are…

Ingrown Hair – When you are trying to pull out the hair and run the edge of the epilator head over the skin surface, some of the hairs that were just lying down or to the side would be pushed in the wrong direction, not upwards but downwards. The result is that

Hair Stubbles – The other problem with the way that the hairs are removed by the epilators is that the ceramic or metal discs are spinning too fast. The speed at which the tweezer heads are spinning means that instead of getting a really good grip at the base of the hair and pulling it completely out by the root, it grabs just the tip of the stem of the hair and manages to break it in half. The result is that there are a lot of short hair stubble that is not removed.

Skin Bumps – We are talking about the fact that if you use the epilator for too much, like with tweezers, electric shavers, etc. is that what happens is that it results in the skin develop red bumps.

While all of these annoyances are problems, what is definitely the biggest complaint people have with using epilators (or eyebrow threading in general) is the fact that they are just so painful. The pain is often so bad that the person who is getting the hair removal is in so much pain that they start crying and can’t continue any further. That is the biggest problem, the pain.

So what can be done to make the pain not as severe as it really is? Here are a few things that you can do to make the pain become slightly more bearable.

Doing the hair removal in wet situations. When you put the head of either the epilator or electric shaver on your skin you want to add a little bit of liquid to lubricate the skin. Water, foam, lather, aloe vera lotion, tea tree lotion, etc. all would work in decreasing the pain and reduce the swelling.

The other way is to use a type of high frequency pulse massager for pain relief which vibrates very quickly. This feature where you have some type of plastic finger to rub very fast on the surface of the skin to decrease the amount of pain in the area of skin having the hari pulled out is very common. It is sort of similar to how acupuncture needles and acupuncture pens work. You use a very small amount of vibrational energy and waves to massage the area. The nerve ending which were attached to the hair root are going to be pulled apart from the hair follicle. They will send the electrical signal telling the brain that there is pain but it will be slightly disrupted.

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