Where To Get The Amazon Kindle In Seoul South Korea

Where To Get The Amazon Kindle In Seoul South Korea

Amazon Kindle In Seoul South KoreaSomeone recently asked me a question which left me actually a little puzzled. It was over the issue of finding the E-Reader sold by Amazon called the Kindle. Obviously their question was “Where can I get the Kindle in South Korea?” Since I have been living in Seoul, or South Korea in general for over a year now, they expected that I would be sort of some type of expert on South Korea and the shopping their.

This friend had been searching everywhere to find the device, including the COEX Mall, the Yongsan Electronics Market, and a few other places but they still could not find one place which carried the E-Reader Tablet.

After doing some searching I found out that apparently the country of South Korea does NOT carry the Kindle reader. It seemed that when Amazon first came out with the Kindle, the original models, Korea did import those models. Now, the only way that you can get the Kindle is to take a trip out of the country. On my recent trip to Ozaka, Japan I did find that the Kindle can be found in many stores.

However, once Samsung, the multinational conglomerate corporation decided to get into the tablet market, they started to build cheap tablets and edged the Tablet out of the Korean market due to price from the tariffs the Korean government had put on. The newest tablets that are coming out from Samsung are the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 & the Galaxy Tab 2. These tablet devices are not as small or thin as a Kindle but comparing the devices in weight, they both are very light.

So the best (and maybe only) way to get the Kindle when you are in South Korea is to buy it off of the Amazon website.

So Click Here To Go To The Product Page For The Kindle On Amazon



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