Why Is Our Threading Service So Much Better Than Other Hair Removal Salons?

Well, the first thing that makes us so different is that we don’t have a salon. :(

We originally had a store a few years ago, but after running it for a few months, we realized that there was not enough customers who wanted our services. Our rent cost were too high and we had to shut down after careful thought over the finances of our small business.

Since we no longer have a real store or shop, we realized that it was even more important that the person who goes in for a session feel comfortable and relaxed when meeting us. If the interested customer comes to us, an incall, they will get a service that they have never had before.

If the person brings a friend, we give them a 20% discount immediately. If they come back more than 3 times, they get a full 50% discount off! That is right. That is how much we love our customers.

When you come in with your friends, and are waiting, you can relax while watching TV, and enjoying our refreshments and popcorn! Sometimes we might even have a small celebration and might ask people to joy in.

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