My Personal Review On The Me Smooth Elos Home Hair Removal System Device

My Personal Review On The Me Smooth Elos Home Hair Removal System Device

Me Smooth Elo Hair RemovalSince I came back to Seattle, I have not had much time to see what has changed in the elipation world. Yesterday however I did see something interesting while I was strolling through the local Costco (based in Kirkland, WA). It seems that a whole square was being dedicated to this new product that was on display. It is a At-Home Hair Removal Device. The name of it was called the Me Smooth Elo. The website which you can find the actual product and get more information from is at So I was immediately interested and went to the display and a sales representative for the company asked me whether I had any questions. I said I did, since I write reviews for this type of product. She proceeded to pull out this guide on why this “Painless Hair Removal Device” would be effective. At first I thought the Me Smooth Elo was just another epilator, using the same metal or disc based spinning edges which pull out the hair. Those types are not painless until you are sufficiently lathered and wet. This one was different.

The Science Behind the Painless Hair Removal

Elos Pic1This model is based on a type of light of a certain frequency, which can actually burn the stubs of hairs that are below the skin surface.

There was three main types of light that is used for hair removal. Most people have probably heard of the Laser Home Hair Removal types, which I talked about already in many reviews before. Then there is a deeper skin tissue hair removal light based technology called Pulsed Light. That just means that the light can work on the layer of skin much deeper below the surface of the skin. This one called the Elo can go even deeper.

How that is done seems to be based on the frequency of the type of light being emitted.

  1. Laser
  2. High Intensity Pulsed Light
  3. Elo

Those the three types of light that the woman showed me in a chart. My guess is that she did not really know what type of technology went into it. On the Amazon product page for the Me Smooth, the sellers claim that the three types of light is actually

  1. Infra-Red Light aka IRL
  2. Radio Frequency – RF
  3. Laser

I believe that the woman may have gotten some of the light types confused and used the world interchangeably.

How to use it.

Using it is really simple. Here are the three main steps

  1. Turn it on
  2. Set the intensity of the light being emitted from Low, Medium, or High. There are buttons for all three intensity modes.
  3. Switch on the Elo button at the top of the device.

Elos TechnologyWhat is really nice about this unit is that it is supposed to be perfect for people with all different types of skin colors. It works for people with fair and light skin to darker shades of skin color. Not only does the light work for different skin types, it also works on different hair color types. Blonde, Ginger, Black, Brown, and everything in between, this home hair removal system can remove all of those hairs. I actually took a few pictures and put them up so that the people here can see what is on the side of the box if they choose to get it.

Now that I have had a time to look at the sides of the box, it seems that at least this model is called the Me Smooth and it is based on Elos Technology, if you read the fine print on the Elos logo at the bottom. On the MePower website, they say that it is supposed to be the first and only home hair removal system on the market, but I know that it is not true, since I have found already maybe half a dozen other types around.

Epilator AttachmentHere is some other accessories you can buy with the light based hair removal system. I took a picture of the standard epilator head type which will be popped on top of the unit as a type of attachment. Notice in the picture how the head is just a single spinning side with metal discs in the wedges. There doesn’t seem to be any type of plastic bristles which would prevent the onset of ingrown hairs and I would like to leave a quick opinion here.

What is inside the package when you buy it…

  1. The actual Me Device
  2. The Elos Cartridge
  3. The protective Cap
  4. The Power Cord
  5. The owner’s instructional manual

The company is called Syneron Beauty Ltd. and you can get to call their customer support line at 1-877-651-1177. It seems that Syneron may be a Israel based company. That is kind of interesting since the original epilator device was made also from Israel.

Do NOT get the epilator head attachment. It will be not worth it. The whole purpose of these laser & light based hair removal systems is that they are painless. Epilators in general, even done perfectly can be quite painful.

What is my overall opinion on the Me Smooth Unit?

Well, this device seems to be already sold by many other companies under multiple different names.

It is already sold by the reseller/distributor Tanda. We found a product page for the same unit called the Tanda Me Smooth Home Hair Removal Unit. (Available Here)

In terms of prices, Costco having it listed at $250 currently. It may seem like a lot but when you look at the price compared to almost any other online store, it is at least $100 cheaper. On Amazon it was listed at around $340 the last I checked.

Note: After checking the Costco online store, I found that Costco is also carrying the Remington i-Light Pro (product page) as well as the Silk’n BellaLite Home Hair Removal System (product page).

Here is what I suggest.

Go to your local Costco and see if they carry it. If the model is not currently available at your local Costco, go to the online store. I found it listed on the Canada Costco website (product page here).

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