My Personal Review On The Silk’n BellaLite At-Home Hair Removal Device

My Personal Review On The Silk’n BellaLite At-Home Hair Removal Device

Silk'n BellaLiteIt seems that maybe I am not fully aware of just how much things have changed since I left the USA this past 2 years since just today when I went back to Costco I found in one aisle another one of those at-home hair removal devices being sold. Only this time, the product was not being so aggresively promoted like before with the other one called the Me Smooth Elos. I did a very long and extensive review on the Me Smooth Elos Home Removal System maybe about 2 weeks ago since I also saw that model being sold at Costco.

Getting back to the story, so I was walking through the aisles of the local Costco at Kirkland, WA when I stumbled upon the hair removal unit. I was sort of excited to see that the whole hair removal industry is now making their products much more affordable for mass consumption use. There was at least a dozen boxes of the BellaLite unit available.

Home Hair Removal DeviceI forgot to take a picture of the price on the boxes but I did take a couple of pictures which you can see above and to the right.

So it may be a little hard for you guys to read the picture but what it says in the back is that there was two different dermatologists who seems to have developed that technology.

The BellaLite uses a patented type of special light emitting technology to get at the roots of the hair to remove the hair. It is called the Home Pulsed Light Technology.

There seems to be at least one professional MD who is put her own face and professional name behind the product, a Dr. Tina S. Alster, who is the Director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery as well as the Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Georgetown Universty Medical Center.

Now, this product seems to be listed both on the Costco Website (Available Here) as well as our good old friend (Available Here). The Prices listed for this same product on both websites are dramatically different actually.

  • Price of the BellaLite on Costco Website: $150 until Mid-July, 2014
  • Price of the BellaLite on Amazon Website: $200 with Free Shipping

Product PicturesNow, we all realize that both Costco and Amazon are known for trying to give the best deals and discounts to their shoppers. Sometimes, Amazon has the lowest prices. This time, it was Costco. In terms of convenience, both Costco and Amazon are great. Costco is a multinational chain which have stores even back in South Korea. In Seoul alone I remember that there was 3 Costco stores, and I would go to the one at YangJae Station to eat the 1,500 Korean won hotdogs every other weekend. The other two was close to SangDong Station and another one.

Here are some of the product specifications that was listed on its product page…

  • Power Source Input: 120-240 Volts, at 50-60 Hertz
  • Not for use in areas with tattoo
  • Not for use in areas which have been recently tanned

Since we are talking about the technical details, the way the model works is that there is a type of disposal cartridge that the unit works on. In that cartridge, there is enough power for 750 pulses of light emission. When the light is emitted, the light would work by going deep into lower layers of the skin and burning the follicles away. You can use the unit in most of the general areas like legs, bikini line, underarms, and arm areas.

So when it comes to price, Costco currently has the best offer. However, that offer lasts only until the mid of july this year. After that I am afraid that the price will go back up to $200. So if you are going to get it, go to your local Costco. If not, check out the model on Amazon.

You can check out the BellaLite being sold on Amazon here!

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